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  • Milk: Can It Be Used For Your Weight Loss Goal?

    Forget those smoothies and vegetable juices. Drink milk, instead. Read on to know how milk can play an important role in weight loss.

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    Milk For Weight Loss

    Forget those smoothies and vegetable juices. If you want to lose weight, you can just drink milk. Studies showed that this whitish drink could indeed be very useful in getting rid of unwanted weight. According to researchers, those who drank higher amounts of milk are less likely to put the bulge or more likely to win in the Biggest Loser.

    But how? You may ask. And we’re curious too.

    Recent study showed that consumption of 1,000 to 1,4000 mg of calcium from dairy products, like milk and cheese, would be helpful in increasing your body’s ability to burn fats.

    In other words, milk helps you burn those stubborn fats faster, thereby, helping you lose weight fast. Plus, it trims your waistline so you can have that supermodel-body in no time. (But don’t expect to have the physique of Gisele Bundchen. It’s not possible. Sorry.)


    It’s not really perfect but it has high protein and calcium. Not to mention exceptional counts of B vitamins.

    Even though it’s rich in vitamins and minerals, it’s only 86 calories per eight-ounce glass of milk. And if you opt for fat-free milk, you’ll be able to further reduce saturated fat in your diet.


    It’s true that milk is often referred to as highly allergenic. This resulted in people eliminating this healthy drink from their diet.

    But did you know that a tiny fraction of people have real allergies to milk? It’s the body’s inability to digest lactose is the main culprit. However, studies proved that those who suffer from lactose intolerance were still able to drink a cup of milk each day without getting digestive distress after.


    Apart from milk’s role in helping you lose weight, this drink also showed promising results in protecting your body against colon cancer, normalizing blood pressure and regulating blood clotting, muscle contraction and nerve conduction.


    It’s best to serve it icy cold. Or you can add it to a chocolate shake to make a healthy smoothie.

    Hot milk is preferred by some individuals. But when you do heat the milk, you must avoid boiling it as certain film will be formed on the surface that’s very difficult to dissolve. If you really need to boil it, you need to use non-fat evaporated milk.

    To increase your dairy calcium, you might want to consider keeping a box of non-fat milk on hand. It’s a great addition to your soup or casseroles. You might have a delicious meal but it’s a meal that has high amount of calcium and protein.


    Don’t cry over spilt milk. But do cry if it’s non-fat. Make it a habit to drink milk, not just for losing weight, but also the health benefits it can give.

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