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  • Danielle Fishel Isn’t Fat – But She Could Use Natural Remedies For Her Facial Fat

    Danielle Fishel has an ideal weight but she could use a little help from these natural remedies to alleviate her facial fat. Find out the natural ways to lose those stubborn fats on your face to help you look younger.

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    Danielle Fishel is a former star of Girl Meets World. She was one of those women being envied by a lot of people. Years after her stint on said TV show, she’s back in the news. Months ago, she revealed she is getting married to her longtime boyfriend, who’s seven years younger than her. After their wedding last weekend, she took to Twitter to slam her critics, who made harsh comments about her weight.

    Is Danielle Fishel weight ideal for her height?

    Danielle Fishel Isn’t Fat - But She Could Use Natural Remedies For Her Facial FatAccording to her, she weighs 107 pounds and stands 5 feet 1 inch tall. With that consideration, you can say that her weight is just ideal for her height.

    Thus, you can say that she’s not fat. It’s just her chubby cheeks that make her look fat. Her facial fat is probably the reason she looks a lot older than her hubby.

    If you do have the same facial fat problem as Danielle Fishel has, then you might consider these tips. Here’s a list of natural ways to get rid of those annoying double chin and facial fats.

    1. Drink coconut water and cocoa butter

    The vitamin E content of coconut water may help increase skin’s elasticity in the face. You can also benefit by massaging your face with cocoa butter before going to sleep. By doing this for a few days, you’ll see great improvement.

    2. Use aloe vera

    In addition to treating or alleviating acne, aloe vera is also great in eliminating sagging skin. Danielle Fishel may not have sagging skin yet but she can surely benefit from applying aloe vera on her chin and neck area before she goes to bed. It may help in reducing her facial fat.

    Skin experts do recommend taking four to five minutes steam before applying aloe vera gel. After steaming, you can apply substantial amount of said gel onto your face and leave it there overnight. When you rinse it the following morning, you should apply ice cold water.

    3. Eat dry fruits

    We don’t know if Danielle Fishel loves eating dry fruits but they do improve skin’s elasticity on the face. This is because dry fruits and nuts contain high amount of vitamin E, which can surely prevent skin from sagging. Good examples are pistachio, dry dates, peanut and walnuts.

    4. Change your sleep position

    People like Danielle Fishel love to sleep with a pillow under their head. But, according to experts, this sleeping position can cause double chin, especially in older individuals. Thus, they advise to sleep without a pillow when lying on your back. If you’re still young, you should practice this as early as now to sleep without a pillow behind your head.

    Other Ways To Lose Facial Fats And Extra Body Pounds

    Other things that can help you lose those facial fats and eliminate extra pounds from your body:

    Maintain ideal weight by eating the right diet.

    It is good to know that Danielle Fishel is a fan of high-protein diet based on her past interviews. This is great for her petite body.

    Drink a glass of green tea.

    It’s one of the best natural ways to wash out extra fats from your body.

    Have daily massage to lift your facial skin

    In this way, you’ll look a lot younger.

    These are just some of the suggestions that you can follow when it comes to eliminating your facial fat. As for Danielle Fishel, we don’t think she’s fat. She just needs to lose her facial fat to look slimmer and younger.

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