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  • Cold Sore – A Lotion That Can Cure Cold Sores

    Cold sore can now be cured through a certain lotion discovered by the scientists from University of Michigan

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    Cold Sore

    Cold sore virus is something that you can’t easily avoid. Once you’re infected with it, you’ll forever carry it for the rest of your life. But that was before.

    Researchers from the University Of Michigan found a cold sore cure – a lotion

    This lotion isn’t a regular product that you use. It contains an element that can stop an outbreak. What it does is that it attacks the virus’ membrane. Then, it halts its ability to reproduce. The main ingredient, NB-001, will access the site of the infection and disrupts the main core of the pathogens. When it’s applied twice a day, it can completely damage the virus.

    Unfortunately, this cold sore cure isn’t ready yet. But they will be showcased in the US market next year.

    The problem with cold sore is that it keeps on reappearing as the virus that causes it remains on your skin cells until something will trigger it.

    What are treatments available?

    Antiviral medicines are recommended by doctors. They can clear up the signs and reduce the virus’ ability to replicate. Unfortunately, they don’t kill it. In other words, they’ll keep on showing up, when it’s triggered.

    It’s also best to boost your immune system.

    Triggering factors of cold sore will include hormonal changes, physical stress and flu. You can be infected with it, if you’ve made close contact with someone who has it.

    Hopefully, the said lotion will give sufferers the real cure to completely eradicate the virus-causing cold sore.

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    Girlie Napatal Girlie is a licensed physical therapist in the Philippines. She learned about her condition in the year 2003. She’s now in heaven. RIP.

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