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  • Uterus Transplantation Could Help Men Get Pregnant Tomorrow – What are the risks?

    A leading fertility expert believed that uterus transplantation could allow men to carry a baby. If they could, is it through natural delivery or C-section? Are there risks?

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    Uterus Transplantation Could Help Men Get Pregnant Tomorrow - What are the risks?

    With uterus transplantation, men could soon become pregnant, stated by a leading fertility expert. As reported by The Daily Mail, womb transplants in women have been successful. It could also be done on people who were born male.

    What is uterus transplantation?

    It’s a form of treatment for women with uterine infertility. There’s no exact number as to how many women have uterine infertility in the Philippines.

    The first transplant was made in Saudi Arabia in 2000. The attempt was performed with a living donor. Then, 11 years after, another operation was done. But this time, the uterus was from a brain-dead patient. But no satisfactory pregnancy has been reported.

    Recently, however, wombs have been transplanted to women successfully. These are trans women, who had sex change surgery. With the transplant, they could carry a baby.

    In several months, trans men reported having babies. These trans men have still functioning wombs.

    Dr. Richard Paulson, a leading fertility expert, stated that there would be challenges. However, he doesn’t see problems that would prevent it from happening. He believes that it’s possible for a man who became a woman to become pregnant through uterus transplantation. He thinks it’s possible and trans women “could do it tomorrow.”

    But he admitted that it’s a complicated procedure. It requires a huge team. It’s not a procedure that can be done in a community hospital.

    Natural birth or cesarean section?

    Unfortunately, men’s pelvis is too narrow that the baby can’t pass through. In that case, he has to give birth through a cesarean section. Then again, there’s room inside a man to carry a womb. Hormonal treatment might be necessary.

    Trans women who want to get pregnant would also need a uterus from a living donor or a brain-dead donor. The removal of the uterus could take up to 10 hours because of its complexity.

    After the transplant, an IVF embryo would be implanted. Dr. Paulson added that trans medicine is getting more popular. That is, more and more trans women would want to have a uterus and opt for a uterus transplant.

    However, this transplant is an experimental procedure. In 2014, the first attempt of a uterus transplantation was made and resulted in a live birth.

    In some countries, it’s illegal to build an IVF clinic, create an embryo and implant it in a man. The Montreal Protocol specified that womb transplants must only be carried in biological women.

    Womb transplantation has a significant risk to the fetus and future child. Although it has psychological benefits to women with uterine infertility, this procedure has to be weighed against the harm to the child being born in this way.


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