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  • Signs And Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer – As Told By A Cancer Patient

    From Admin: Girlie passed away yesterday, July 30, 2014, after a long battle with ovarian cancer. May you rest in peace, Ge. We’ll miss you. 

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    signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer

    At first glance, it seems nothing’s wrong with our body. Most of the time, we fail to become more sensitive to its needs and what it’s been telling us.

    In school, we have an annual medical check-up to examine if there’s any mass through abdominal press or palpation. With negative test results, we tend to be more confident and disregard the possibility of having tumor or cancer.

    Unfortunately, as an ovarian cancer survivor, those tests in our school weren’t enough.

    Visit Your OBGYN

    Each time I’m invited as a guest speaker in one of the cancer forums in our place, I often advise female guests, especially students, to visit an obstetrician-gynecologist once a year for a medical checkup.

    I always tell them not to worry about what people will say about such visit as it’s not like you’re getting a medical checkup for your bun in the oven.

    Instead, they must treat it the same way as their bi-annual visit to their dentist for teeth maintenance.

    In the Philippines, where I live in, Filipinos have this perception that if a single lady visits an OB-GYN clinic, they presume that she’s either pregnant or wanted to get rid of her unborn child.

    But, based on my experience, this kind of mindset is just too unreasonable. This is because no matter what the case is, be it pregnancy, abortion or a disease, those people don’t matter.

    Thus, I highly recommend you to go out there and visit your doctor and don’t mind what they’ve to say about you (unless they’ll be the one to pay for the doctor’s fee). It’s your body, not theirs.

    Diagnosed to Have Ovarian Cancer

    A few months before I was diagnosed of having ovarian cancer (OC), I didn’t feel any change in my body.

    I was slim. I played sports. I ate a lot.

    But little did I know, OC was already lurking in my body, waiting for my defense team to weaken.

    Then, the signs appeared.

    Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer that I ignored.

    The first thing that my mom noticed (but I didn’t) was my growing lower-abdomen.

    She advised me to go and have it checked with an OB. But because of fear and, perhaps, ignorance, I just shrugged it off and told her that it could be a sign that my Aunt Flow (menstruation) is near.

    Bummer! That was a mistake.

    The second sign was periodic yet extreme abdominal pain.

    Because it was just sporadic, I thought it was LBM and not menstrual cramps. But for some patients with the same cancer as I have, they considered abdominal pain with vaginal bleeding as alarming.

    The third sign I noticed was the on-and-off fever that lasted more than a week.

    I thought it was just caused by the bad weather, so I just took an OTC med.

    Then, there came a sudden weight loss, even though I wasn’t dieting.

    This, by the way, is one of the most common signs to most cancer patients. From 54 kilos, it went down to 42 kilos in merely two weeks.

    No diet pills.

    No extreme exercise.

    If I were a contestant of “The Biggest Loser,” I’d probably win.

    Despite all these changes, I failed to have my body checked. I didn’t realize that my case was getting serious.

    Regrets… regrets of ignoring the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

    If only I visited a doctor and sought medical treatment, then my cancer would not have gone to the point that I needed to undergo operation to remove my ovaries.

    Yes, I could have prevented it if I only listened to my body.

    So, I’ll be leaving you with this one piece of advice: “listen to your body and get a medical check-up every now and then.”

    When it’ll be caught sooner, you can prevent it from worsening.

    Take it from me.

    I know.


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    Girlie Napatal Girlie is a licensed physical therapist in the Philippines. She learned about her condition in the year 2003. She’s now in heaven. RIP.

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