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  • Healthy Lungs: Foods That Protect Lungs Against Lung Cancer/Disease

    aving healthy lungs can be easily achieved by avoiding tobacco use. Unfortunately, even if you avoid smoking, you’ll still get lung cancer as a result

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    Having healthy lungs can be easily achieved by avoiding tobacco use. Unfortunately, even if you avoid smoking, you’ll still get lung cancer as a result of being around people who smoke.

    Thankfully, you can protect yourself and your lungs by eating fruit and vegetables.

    According to scientists in Sweden, people who consume a lot of vegetables reduce their risk of lung cancer, whether they smoke or not.

    The reason for this is that vegetables contain protective compounds that can help in fighting against interstitial lung disease, popcorn lung disease and even lung cancer.

    What vegetables you must eat then to take care of your lungs?

    Oranges, peaches, carrots and other yellow-colored fruit and vegetables

    These food items contain carotenoid that safeguards smokers against any type of lung diseases. According to a study conducted in Singapore Chinese Health Study, people who eat high in beta-cryptoxanthin have lowered lung cancer risk rates.

    To obtain its benefits, you need to consume 7 to 10 servings of red and orange fruit and vegetables each day.

    Soy foods

    Yes, they contain oestrogen-like compounds. But these compounds known as isoflavones can block the oestrogen receptors present in lung cancer cells. Through that process, the real oestrogen won’t end up in those receptor sites.

    In a study conducted of more than 3400 people, those who’ve eaten more soy foods and other foods with phyto-estrogens had lowered their risk of developing lung cancer, interstitial lung disease and popcorn lung disease by 46%.

    To obtain these benefits, you’ll need one to three servings of soy foods each day.

    However, if your diet is already rich in fruit and vegetables, then you don’t have to increase your soy foods consumption. When it comes to phyto-oestrogen, you’ll need to opt for soy foods, instead of taking isoflavone supplements.

    Cruciferous vegetables

    These vegetables are very effective in protecting our lungs from the damaging effects of carcinogens.

    Cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli and Brussels sprouts are high in sulforaphane, a compound known to fight against any type of cancer.

    They also have indole-3-carbinol that repair damage caused by carcinogens preventing the damage to turn into cancer.

    You’ll need to eat at least ½ cup of this type of vegetable per week.

    Other foods that offer protection to achieve healthy lungs and avoid interstitial lung disease, popcorn lung disease and lung cancer will include the following:

    • Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, sardines and trout
    • Foods rich in folate, like spinach, silverbeet, and legumes

    Vitamin C Supplements

    Vitamin C supplements are also good for smokers and nonsmokers as they reduce free-radical damage.

    If you’re frequently exposed to tobacco smoke, you must aim to take up to 500 mg of vitamin C each day.

    You must also avoid eating red meat and processed meat.

    If you can’t avoid them, you must at least limit your intake up to 100 grams of serving each week.

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