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  • I Have Advanced Cancer – Says Jimmy Carter, Former US President

    Jimmy Carter has advanced cancer. What type of cancer? How old is he?

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    The former US President Jimmy Carter said on Monday that he has an advanced stage cancer and undergone surgery to remove a mass from his liver. Carter is now 90 years old.

    I Have Advanced Cancer – Says Jimmy Carter, Former US President I Have Advanced Cancer – Says Jimmy Carter, Former US President

    During the surgical operation, his doctors revealed that his cancer has spread to other parts of his body.

    He said he’ll rearrange his schedules to make sure that he can undergo treatment at Emory Healthcare. Carter added that he couldn’t make an exact statement about the status of his cancer but he’d make a public statement once the facts are unveiled by his doctors.

    Pancreatic Cancer

    Jimmy Carter’s father, sisters and brother died of pancreatic cancer. His mother, too, died of this type of malignant tumor.

    Because of his family history, he undergoes CT scans twice a year and MRI to make sure that he doesn’t have tumors in his pancreas.

    When he attended a monitoring election in March, he left the meeting early because he felt unwell.

    Currently, Carter couldn’t give details about the type of cancer he’s suffering from.

    When cancer spreads to other parts of the body, it’s considered as advanced stage and it becomes incurable.

    However, many doctors feared that Carter might not tolerate the treatment considering his age. A patient in this age can’t tolerate the same treatment given to patients who are in their 60s or 70s.

    We, at Vim Ch’i, have lost two important people in our lives because of cancer. Last year, Girlie died of ovarian cancer (click the link to read her story). And this January, Janey Danes’ father died of prostate cancer.

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