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  • Ibuprofen – 5 Natural Alternative Options

    Ibuprofen is effective but it has side effects. Here’s a list of home remedies that you can try that offer the same benefit as ibuprofen.

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    Long-term use of ibuprofen could increase your risk of heart attack. Many people turn to this medication to relieve their pain, fever and inflammation. This non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID is available over the counter. However, the more powerful brands require a prescription. This drug is also given to patients suffering from arthritis, headache and menstrual symptoms for women.


    As mentioned earlier, this drug is linked to heart and cardiovascular problems, like stroke and heart attack. The longer you take it, the more you’ve become dependent on it.

    So the question now is how you are going to relieve yourself from the pain without using ibuprofen, since it can cause serious negative effects.


    But you’ve to remember that these remedies or alternatives are with side effects. They do cause negative effects but they’re not as severe as those of the synthetic medicine.


    It has anti-inflammatory properties that can improve blood circulation particularly to the joints. There are natural supplements that you can purchase that contain such herb. The recommended dose for this is 450 to 750 mg a day for three to four weeks.


    It’s often used to relieve joint and muscle pain. How to apply it? Simply spread it over the affected area. This herb has substance that blocks that transmission of pain signals to the brain, so you’ll no longer feel the pain. Although it causes stinging or burning, it’ll subside after a few seconds of application.


    They have anti-inflammatory properties that can truly benefit patients who are suffering arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases and other joint conditions. This natural alternative to ibuprofen is also great in reducing cardiovascular symptoms. The recommended dose is 1,000 mg each day.


    Before aspirin’s discovery, people used white willow bark to reduce their pain in their stomach. Compared with aspirin, this natural alternative to ibuprofen doesn’t irritate the stomach while still effective in relieving pain and inflammation.


    You shouldn’t stop taking ibuprofen without first consulting your physician. Although these home remedies cause less serious side effects, they can still cause harm to your body. It’s also a good idea to look into your diet as some pain can be caused by pro-inflammatory foods. If you could pinpoint those foods and eliminate them, then you’d no longer need to take ibuprofen or other natural alternatives to this drug.

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