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  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s Healthy Eating Strategies and Healthy Workout Routines

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the fittest man alive. What does he do to keep in shape? What are his healthy eating strategies? What is his healthy workout?

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    Cristiano Ronaldo has a perfectly fit body. No doubt about it. Just look at those abs!

    Cristiano Ronaldo Healthy Eating Strategies, Healthy Workout

    If you want to be in great shape, then be like Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition to his mental motivation to train, he’s also disciplined. He always applies this philosophy to his life: no pain, no gain.

    Well, I think all athletes know that so they follow strict training routines, healthy eating strategies and rigid but healthy workout.

    From being a skinny boy, Cristiano Ronaldo became a muscled man. Thanks to his professional fitness coaches and dietitians. He’s a professional athlete so it’s expected of him to have those people by his side all the time.

    Number of hours of training

    Cristiano Ronaldo practices 5 times a week, depending on the games his team has in a week.

    He trains for 4 hours a day.

    In a documentary in 2010, it was shown in the video about his respect for his sleeping hours, not just his training hours. He goes to bed early so he can get up early to train.

    Healthy workout routine

    • Up to 4 hours of training/practice. This ensures him of extremely low body fat.
    • Up to 30 minutes of cardio exercise. He devotes his time mostly on running.
    • Short period exercise of sprinting drills
    • To enhance his skills and control of balls, he performs specific technical drills.


    He loves running. It’s expected considering he’s a soccer player. Per game, he runs about 6 miles or more.

    This is one of the reasons he has single digit body fat. Running for an hour, 4 times a week can help you lower your body fat level. Of course, you won’t have the same stamina as Cristiano if you don’t run 6 miles per game. But you can develop it, little by little.

    How about his speed?

    He’s considered as an ankle breaker. He can easily change direction, even when he’s dribbling.

    He sprints 33 times in a typical game with a top speed of around 21 miles per hour. With that acceleration, he can easily outsmart his opponent.

    His strength

    His stamina is credited to his running routine. But his strength is due to his strong quads routine.

    Since he’s an attacker, he squats 440 pounds. In a documentary about him, it showed that he could jump off at 31 inches using both feet, which is considered as NBA worthy hop. With that in mind, he can surely head the ball even if it’s 8 ½ feet high.

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Healthy Eating Strategies and Healthy Workout Routines Jump Ronaldo Jump

    Enough about his healthy workout routine.

    Let’s talk about his healthy eating strategies.

    Healthy eating strategies of Cristiano Ronaldo

    Even when you’re strict with your workout, you still won’t have that fit body if you don’t combine it with healthy eating strategies.

    And Cristiano knows that. That’s why he pays great attention to what he’s eating. He doesn’t just gobble on what’s on the table. He makes sure that it’s what his dietitian has planned.


    He eats cheese and fish. He does eat carbs but he concentrates on eating fruit, eggs, milk and whole-grain.

    His diet is also rich in protein. Yes, including Herbalife protein shake. Cristiano chose Herbalife as his official nutrition partner.

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Healthy Eating Strategies and Healthy Workout Routines Sit down and I’ll make you healthy protein shake.

    He pays great attention to his breakfast because it’s the most important meal of his day. He also eats every 2 to 3 hours.

    Then, he finishes his breakfast with fruit juice. Fresh fruit juice, that is.


    If you want to be like him, you must avoid eating too much food during lunch. It must be a low-calorie meal but it must include fruits and veggies.

    Cristiano likes eating cheese at lunch with brown rice. He eats green vegetable salad and adds oil to it to complete his healthy lunch.

    If you don’t like eating cheese, you can opt for a light pasta dish or a Caesar salad. These options are rich in vitamins and minerals. Plus, they’re high in protein yet low in calories, ideal for your weight loss goals.


    His final meal of the day includes fiber, proteins, carbs and vitamins. He sometimes eats chicken breast and green beans. And he pairs it with rice and fruit.

    Avoid eating an hour before bedtime. This can only affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

    Although Cristiano likes drinking protein shake, he doesn’t include whey protein isolate on his diet. This isn’t his choice to bulk up. But you’re free to try it.


    Cristiano also emphasized the importance of sleep. Unlike other players, he doesn’t go out a lot to have drinks in a bar. This is because he needs to rest for 8 hours each night so he can have the energy to perform his strict workout the following day.

    But even without his strict yet healthy eating strategies and workout, he would still have that perfect body just by playing soccer.

    Play soccer to lose weight

    You don’t need to be in a big field. All you need are two nets, a ball, and a small field where you can run. Soccer offers, not just health benefits but also social benefits when you join a team.

    Why soccer is a great sport to lose weight?

    Throughout the game, you’ll be moving up and down the field, unless you’re a goalkeeper. In a full game, you’re already traveling up to 7 miles.

    The constant jogging, running and walking keep your heart rates up giving you excellent cardio workout. With it, you can boost your cardiovascular function, thereby, avoiding plaque build-up.

    However, if you already have a heart problem, you should consider consulting your physician before starting to join a team of soccer.

    Even if you’re a goalkeeper, you’ll still receive the same cardio benefits by moving within the goal side. During practice, you’ll train as hard as those field players.

    Another reason soccer is beneficial for your weight loss goals is that it also strengthens your muscles and bones. While you’re on the field for 90 minutes jumping or kicking, you’re already providing your legs excellent workout.

    But it’s not only your legs that will benefit. Your upper body, arms and core also come into play.

    In a Danish study, it showed that soccer players enhanced their bone density by up to 3%. It’s equivalent to 3 to 6 years of reversing bone aging.

    Fast-paced game of soccer

    When you join a soccer team, you’re expected to follow healthy eating strategies and healthy workout routines. These will help your cognitive function.

    But playing soccer alone can provide you cognitive benefits. Bear in mind that this sport is fast-paced that requires you to make quick decisions while you’re on the field. Where are you going to pass the ball? To the right? To the left?

    You’ll also need to be in a position that let you defend a certain area where your opponent may attack. It’s just like playing chess. You’re always thinking ahead of the other players.

    Social benefits

    Soccer is a team sport. You’ll develop your ability to work together with other players to reach a common goal, i.e. to win. You and your team players must work together and learn how to overcome whatever problems that may arise on and off field. In that case, you’re honing your problem-solving skills.

    This is one of the reasons health experts recommend this sport to those who are suffering from depression and anxiety. While playing it, you’re improving your self-confidence. You’re also increasing your concentration so you can think quickly. In that way, you can react to important situations while on the field.

    These benefits can help you fight against depression. Playing soccer also encourages release of natural anti-depressants that help lift your mood.

    And if you want to find new friends, join a soccer team or just kick a ball in the park. Soccer is a fun, sociable sport. When you play it, you’re forgetting that you’re doing exercise.

    You’re more motivated.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is motivated to win every game. That’s the motivation being built up to every soccer player. With proper motivation, you’re likely to stick to your healthy eating strategies and workout. This is because you have the proper motivation to get in shape to improve your health, not just winning the game.

    Then, the social interaction is another reason you want to get fit so you can continue having fun with others.

    Prevent major diseases

    You’re motivated to play regularly. With that being said, you can avoid having inactive lifestyle, thereby, avoiding obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

    Apart from that, you can also prevent yourself from having osteoporosis. Although playing soccer is prone to bone injuries, it can protect your bones from said bone disease. As previously mentioned, running and kicking increase bone density. And this is what you need to reduce your risk of developing such medical condition.


    Soccer is a surefire way to lose weight and be healthy. And if you want to get fit, you may follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s healthy eating strategies and healthy workout. They can surely help you lose weight naturally.

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