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  • Will Herbal Tea Stain Your Teeth?

    In this post, let us answer the most common question about herbal tea. Will herbal tea stain your teeth?

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    discolored teeth due to drinking herbal tea

    Will herbal tea stain your teeth? It is a common question that herbal tea drinkers want to know. 

    And the answer is…. yes. 

    Why Herbal Tea Can Stain Your Teeth 

    Tea contains tannin. It is an organic substance found in plants. All teas have tannins. Because the teeth’s enamel is porous, it can easily absorb the staining power of tannin causing unpleasant brown discoloration. 

    But tannins are not bad. In fact, some of them are antioxidants and may help in reducing heart disease and cancer. 

    Because herbal tea offers many benefits, you should not stop consuming it. Instead, you need to improve your oral hygiene. And there are some things you can do to prevent stains on your teeth when drinking herbal tea. 

    1.) Add Milk 

    The color of the tea can affect how deep it can stain your teeth. Thus, the darker the tea, the more it can stain your pearly whites. 

    By adding milk to your tea, it can lighten the tea’s color and protect teeth from the staining effects of teas. But make sure that it is animal milk. 

    2.) Drink It Through a Straw 

    Tannins in the tea cannot stain your teeth if they do not touch your teeth. When the tannins cannot get near the teeth, they will not cause brown or yellow stains. 

    Of course, drinking your herbal tea through a straw can be strange. However, if you wish to prevent teeth discoloration, you might want to give this trick a try. 

    3.) Improve Oral Hygiene

    After drinking herbal tea, make sure to swish your mouth with water. Doing so will remove any residue that could be sticking to your teeth. 

    Do not brush immediately after drinking herbal tea. By waiting at least half an hour before brushing will prevent the tea from softening the enamel. Brushing right away will only brush away your enamel. 

    Talk to your dentist about the best time to brush your teeth after drinking herbal tea. Unfortunately, not all dentists agree to this trick. Some of them are not even aware that tea and coffee can soften the enamel on the teeth. 

    4.) Remove Tea Stains through Whitening Toothpaste 

    Whitening toothpaste does not dramatically whiten your stained teeth because of drinking too much tea and coffee. However, it can reduce discoloration. I use Glister Toothpaste. It does not whiten my teeth but it does promote remineralization, which strengthens the enamel. 

    I also use AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste from NU Skin in the evening. It removes stains and whitens teeth. I have been using this product for several months. I do not think it whitened my teeth but I do not have discolored teeth, even though I drink a lot of coffee and tea every day. 

    5.) Brush Regularly

    Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is good. As mentioned earlier, you need to swish your mouth after having a cup of tea to lower the amount of tannin remaining in your mouth and teeth. If you need to brush your teeth after drinking coffee or tea, you should at least swish your mouth before brushing. 

    6.) Try Oil Pulling 

    It is a traditional Ayurvedic practice that can strengthen teeth and gums. It also freshens your breath. It does not necessarily whiten teeth. 

    However, some followers swore by it. We have a post about deep teeth cleaning with coconut oil. This post will enlighten you about how to do oil pulling and learn about its effects. You will also know whether dentists recommend it.  

    7.) Choose Professional Teeth Whitening 

    No one can beat the dramatic result of professional teeth whitening at your dentist’s office. It is more effective than using whitening toothpaste. Furthermore, the procedure’s results are longer lasting. 

    If your teeth are discolored, talk to your dentist about it. He may recommend teeth whitening to remove the stains and prevent new stains from developing on your teeth. 

    However, after teeth whitening procedure, make sure that you limit your intake of any beverages and foods that can cause tooth staining. 

    Should You Stop Drinking Herbal Tea 

    Herbal tea offers several benefits. If you are worried about its teeth staining effects, you should consider the techniques mentioned above to avoid staining. 

    You must not avoid drinking herbal tea because it stains your teeth. Drinking this tea is proven to boost your immune function. 

    Dandelion tea, for example, has a high amount of antioxidant that eliminates toxins. It also boosts your immune system to protect your body against infections. Furthermore, it has diuretic properties that can help in flushing toxins from your system.

    Licorice tea is also a favorite when it comes to strengthening immune function. Unfortunately, it has a bitter taste. That’s why not every tea lover would consider it. However, this tea has strong anti-inflammatory substances that can alleviate any body aches because of the flu. 

    Herbalife tea concentrate, on the other hand, does not only boost your immune system but it also promotes weight loss. It has thermogenic effects that encourage your body to burn fats. 

    Whatever tea you wish to drink, you must avoid adding sugar in it. Sugar is bad for your health. 

    If you have a certain illness or chronic disease, make sure to consult with your doctor about drinking herbal tea. Although tea offers several health benefits, it may negate the effects of your medicines.   

    Now that you have a proper understanding of how will herbal tea stain your teeth, you should consider following our tips above on how to prevent or reduce teeth staining. You may use some teeth whitening products to prevent or combat discoloration. 

    However, we suggest going to your dentist regularly to have your teeth professionally whitened. The results of a professional teeth whitening are more dramatic and long-lasting than the results provided by OTC teeth whitening products. 

    Even though herbal tea can stain your tea, you must not stop drinking it, especially if you have experienced its positive effects. 

    Wondering how many times a day should you drink herbal tea? Here’s a post you can read.

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