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  • Will Herbal Tea Make You Fail a Drug Test?

    Herbal tea has many various benefits. But will it fail a drug test? What tea will cause false-positive?

    July 25, 2019


    Will Herbal Tea Make You Fail a Drug Test?

    Herbal teas can have benefits and side effects. And some people are using it to pass a drug test. Unfortunately, it is just one of the myths of passing or having a negative drug test. 

    Other individuals thought that herbal tea will make them fail a drug test. That is, their drug test will return positive. 

    So, will it make you fail or pass a drug test? 


    That is, no it will not fail you a drug test. And no, it will not help you pass a drug test. 

    No matter how many cups of herbal tea you drink before the test, it will not clear your urine and change the result. But you will pee several times. 

    Thus, drinking Herbal Tea concentrate will not help you test negative or positive in your drug test. However, it is important to tell the healthcare professional who will read your test about the teas you downed before the test. 

    But Coca Tea May Influence the Result 

    There is an intriguing study about coca tea that could result in a false-positive result for cocaine. Popular in South America, this tea is made from the coca plant. Cocaine is derived from the same plant. 

    In this study, it showed that participants who drank coca tea two hours before the drug exam received a positive drug test result. 

    The researchers suggested that healthcare professionals should look into the history of the patient’s coca tea ingestion when they interpret their urine toxicology results.

    How About Energy Drinks? 

    These drinks will not cause a false negative or positive result. There are no ingredients in the energy drinks that will influence the drug test outcome. 

    However, if you drink them before the test, you will have diluted urine. 

    It is also the same as drinking large quantities of water. It will dilute the urine if you drink a liter of water within 30 minutes or one hour before the exam. 

    For that reason, all specimens are tested for creatinine level. This will determine whether or not the sample is diluted that will provide an accurate result. 

    If your urine is too diluted, your healthcare professional will ask that you repeat urine collection. 

    What Will Cause False-Positive Drug Test Result 

    Will Herbal Tea and Bagel Make You Fail a Drug Test?


    The poppy seeds on bagels and sushi may cause a positive drug test for morphine and codeine. 

    Your test result will be positive for those two substances if you consumed bagel with poppy seeds two hours before the test. 

    That’s why health pros recommend choosing a plain bagel if you need to undergo drug testing.

    However, in 1008, the Department of Health and Human Services modified the cutoff to 2,000 ng/ML, instead of 300 ng/ML. 

    This will avoid any false-positive results from consuming poppy seeds. But some laboratories are still using the lower cutoffs. 

    In that case, if you consumed a small number of poppy seeds, it might not impact your drug test result. However, if you consumed an exorbitant amount of these seeds and used un-washed seeds, then you are likely to test positive. 

    Common Medications 

    Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug that can cause a false-positive result. If you took the highest dose of ibuprofen which is 1,200 mg a day, your drug test result would be positive for cannabinoid. 

    Your urine may also return positive for barbiturates. They are common in sleep medications and anti-anxiety drugs.

    Cough suppressants may also show up as an opiate. That is, if you took them at higher doses. 

    If the cough suppressant has dextromethorphan, your drug test result may be positive for PCB or Angel Dust. On the other hand, if it includes ephedra or pseudoephedrine, your urine will test positive for amphetamines. 

    Are You Taking HIV Medication? 

    If you are, then make sure to tell the health professionals who will interview you before receiving your urine. 

    HIV medication can cause test positive for marijuana. In a study, researchers found that people who took efavirenz, an HIV medication, tested positive. 

    Furthermore, researchers said that this drug could interfere with how the drug test works.

    Avoid Hemp 

    Many people are eating foods with hemp. They are healthy. The hemp oil, for example, is a healthy type of oil that has the highest portion of essential fatty acids. 

    But avoid it if you need to have a urine test for drugs. Do not drink herbal tea with hemp or use hemp oil in your food. 

    Hemp is derived from marijuana. Hemp products, per se, are legal. But they can still cause a false-positive drug test result because they contain THC. 

    Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke 

    Indeed, passive exposure to an illegal drug may make it appear in your urine. Because there were incidents of false-positive results after being exposed to second-hand marijuana, laboratories now have cut-off levels. 

    The levels are now high enough to be impossible for urine to screen positive because of passive contract. 

    Antibiotics May Affect the Test 

    Some antibiotics could cross-react with opiate screening. Thus, they may affect the result. 

    If you are currently taking antibiotics, tell the test administrator or list it on your drug testing paperwork. In that way, the health pro who will interpret your specimen will be guided accordingly. 

    How About Pass Your Drug Test Beverages

    Some people would tell you to take those beverages for a certain price. They are said to clean your urine. 

    But they will not do anything to your urine sample. 

    Even if you add them to your herbal tea, they will not pass your drug test. Keep in mind that you are likely to resubmit a new sample if your specimen contains unnatural chemicals. 

    These are just scam products. 

    When undergoing drug test for whatever reason, it is vital that you list down all drinks and medications you are taking. And yes, even herbal teas. 

    Although they will not cause a false-positive result, it is still best that you tell the test administrator all beverages, foods, and medications, including supplements, that you are taking. 

    On the other hand, if you are taking illegal drugs and wish to change your lifestyle, drinking herbal tea can help you get started.

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