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  • Why Your Doctors Don’t Respond to Your Facebook Friend Request?

    Reasons your doctor won’t respond to your Facebook friend request.

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    Have you tried contacting your doctor through Facebok? Did he/she respond? No? There can be an explanation to that.

    Why Your Doctors Don’t Respond to Your Facebook Friend Request? Why Your Doctors Don’t Respond to Your Facebook Friend Request?

    Doctors have social media accounts. My orthodontist has one. I tried adding him to my Facebook account but to no avail. But my late father’s urologist did accept my Facebook Friend request.

    Physicians, nowadays, are trying to reach their patients online. They can be found in some online forums. They may even have their own websites. But, when it comes to Facebook and other social networking sites, they might never respond to your friend request. Well, at least, not yet.

    Some doctors, like my orthodontist, do draw a line.

    They have professional pages to allow their patients to follow the latest medicines or drugs. They could email you. However, they’re not ready to share their vacation photos. They’re also not ready to share with you their intimate details, like their dates, weddings, etc.

    You should also not expect them to advise you of a medicine or give you treatment options through private chats on Facebook.

    The reason for this is that doctors are still hesitant to delete those lines between their private lives and professional world. And most them are worried about their privacy issues.

    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, however, is breaking new ground. It came up with its latest social media guidelines. It allows physicians to decide whether or not to add their patients to their list of Facebook friends. According to the guideline, it may no longer be appropriate to outlaw adding patients to the list if the physician trusts the relationship.

    For most patients, however, connecting with their physicians on Facebook is the most convenient way for them to keep up with basic health news.

    In Davao City, many young physicians have Facebook pages that they can use to share tips about anything. Some of them share their healthy recipes or announce an offering in their clinics.

    However, just like other physicians in the world, some of these doctors from Davao won’t add their patients to their personal account, unless their patients are already their friends. You can’t blame them as their personal accounts are mostly about their lives, cat videos, their getaway trips and less of health information.

    But some doctors are more open-minded, especially younger physicians.

    How about Emailing Them?

    Email is a convenient method to share your medical concerns with your doctor. Patients can email their doctors through their personal email addresses. Doctors think that email is quite easier and more secure than Facebook.

    They do respond when their patients ask for their schedules, prescriptions and certain symptoms that they wish to know if they need to schedule a check-up.

    For less-tailored health tips and advice, doctors create Twitter presences and Facebook pages. In this way, their patients can obtain information useful for their own health. They may also have a sense that their doctors are humans, too. However, when it comes to privacy, physicians maintain a great distance.

    Some doctors did experience adding one of their patients to their list of friends. But deleted them eventually because they asked inappropriate questions. These patients do have the tendency to abuse that Facebook friendship.

    Have you tried making a friend request to your doctor on Facebook? What happened?

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