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  • Why Health Experts Hate Grapefruit Diet?

    Why health experts will never recommend grapefruit diet? Does it really contain fat-burning properties? Why you should never follow it even if it’s championed by Kylie Minogue and Brooke Shields?

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    Why Health Experts Hate Grapefruit Diet?

    Grapefruit diet was claimed as a diet that could help you shed some pounds without exercise. According to its advocates, this type of diet is based on the idea that this fruit has the fat-burning chemical.

    This diet has outlasted most fad diets because it has been already used in the 1930s. But before you even go to the supermarket and buy some grapefruits, get the facts first.

    Classic Version of Grapefruit Diet

    On the classic version, you need to cut back on your sugar and carbs intake. These would include rice, pasta and potatoes.

    You also have to avoid celery and white onion.

    Grapefruit die also requires consuming more foods that are rich in protein, fat and cholesterol.

    Then, of course, you’d need to eat grapefruit or drink its juice before meals.

    To lose weight, however, you need to consume as low as 800 calories a day.

    Other Versions

    There are several versions of this diet. Some would require you to minimize intake of carbs while you consume more of high-fat, high-cholesterol foods. Then, you’d have to cut calories drastically.

    Other versions would include eating grapefruit before meals and you can eat anything you want.

    So, when you shop, you have to put a lot of this fruit in your cart.

    Is it for vegans?

    Why Health Experts Hate Grapefruit Diet?

    The original version of grapefruit diet includes meat. Thus, vegans and vegetarians would have to tweak their diet to make this weight loss diet work for them.

    If you’re allergic to gluten, some versions would require you to cut back on carbs containing gluten. However, it doesn’t completely ban it.

    The fruit itself doesn’t cost a lot. But it really depends on the season when you have to purchase this fruit and where you live. Unlike other diets, it doesn’t require a support group so you can do it on your own.

    Does it really work?

    Unfortunately, grapefruit diet doesn’t burn fats. In this study, obese people ate grapefruit before meals for more than two weeks. They lost more weight than those who didn’t undergo such diet. Researchers concluded that it was the water in the grapefruit that made them eat less so they had lost weight.

    But if you’re going to follow this diet to help your body in melting extra fats, then it won’t work that way.

    Those who advocated this diet said that it would help you lose 10 pounds of weight within 10 days. If this is true, then it’s not healthy.

    Health experts don’t recommend losing such amount of weight in a little amount of time. Just like any type of fad diets, the weight that you’ve lost through a grapefruit diet would come back to haunt you again.

    Health experts always recommend that a slower, steadier rate of weight loss is better. They also counsel to focus on a diet plan that you can live with your life, not just for a few weeks or months.

    Does it really contain fat-burning properties?

    Studies didn’t find some properties of grapefruit to help in melting fats. The core of a grapefruit diet is its low caloric intake. This would surely result in quick but temporary weight loss. And as mentioned earlier, a weight loss of 10 pounds within 10 days is unrealistic.

    On the other hand, you can use the juice or eat the fresh fruit as part of your healthy diet. However, grapefruits can interfere with some medications. If you’re taking statin drugs, nifedipine, and antihistamines, then you should talk to your doctor.

    Grapefruit is known to interfere with these drugs. If you drink its juice while taking statins, for example, it increases the absorption of statins in your bloodstream. When it does, it would mean having higher concentrations of this drug in your blood, which isn’t good as it increases your risk of liver and kidney problems.

    Thus, you should ask your doctor if you can eat fresh grapefruit while you take those drugs.

    Another disadvantage of a grapefruit diet is that you’ll be eating the same food each day. Sooner or later, you’ll abandon the plan as you’ll get fed up with it.

    What Experts are Saying?

    This diet doesn’t have clear evidence that it has a magical power of melting fats. The reason you’ll lose weight through grapefruit diet is that of the low-calorie intake. You’re going to shed pounds faster but the weight will return as quickly as it left your body. This is because the weight that you’ve lost is water weight. In other words, this diet is just a quick fix that won’t offer a longer-term result. It’s also not healthy.

    This diet is very limited. That said, it would be too impossible for you to commit in it for the longer term. With so many foods that you should exclude, you’re highly likely to abandon it after a few days or weeks.

    In other words, don’t bother following a grapefruit diet. Because of its limited variety of foods, it’s truly a prescription for boredom. This is the formula that most dieters would give up trying to shed some pounds.

    On the other hand, a grapefruit can be included as part of your healthy, balanced diet. It’s nutritious as it contains a high amount of vitamin C. Plus, it’s rich in fiber. So, if you enjoy eating this fruit, then it won’t harm your healthy eating habits as long as you include other fruits and vegetables.

    More research is needed to completely unveil the weight loss ability of grapefruit diet if there’s any.

    It’s still necessary that you eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. This will help you have healthy and slim.

    Taking half a glass of this fruit juice may help you achieve a healthy body. It won’t do you any harm if you eat it regularly. However, you should also include other fruits and vegetables.

    The best way to lose weight is still eating a wide array of healthy foods. If you wish to lose weight, you shouldn’t go below 1,100 calories a day. It’s not healthy and it’s not safe. You also can’t keep the weight off.

    So, yes, grapefruits are good. But grapefruit diet won’t work.

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