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  • Why Drinking Coffee Makes You Want to Poop – Is Coffee Bad For You

    What is in coffee that makes you want to poop?

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    I’m a morning person. And the first thing that I take to keep me from going back to bed is coffee. But it’s not the only reason I drink it in the morning.

    Why Drinking Coffee Makes You Want to Poop – Is Coffee Bad For You

    I drink coffee in the morning because it stimulates my system to start eliminating the waste from my body.

    Poop in short.

    What is it in that morning cup that stimulates your bowels?

    There are several studies that have attempted to discover the exact reason about the effect of a cup of Java to your bowels.

    1990 Study

    In this study, it showed that coffee stimulates a certain gastrocolonic response to some individuals minutes after consuming this beverage.

    But the study failed to uncover the exact reason of such response. However, researchers postulated that coffee affected epithelial tissue in the stomach and small intestine.

    Furthermore, it showed that this morning cup promotes gastrin release. It’s a hormone that increases motor activity within the colon.

    Because it’s closer to the colon, the increased activity promotes laxative effects.

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    Is it the Caffeine?

    Some health professionals think that it’s the caffeine in this drink that makes you want to poop.

    But the study showed that even those individuals who drank decaffeinated coffee had the urgency to go to the toilet and eliminate their waste.

    That said, it’s not just the caffeine. It’s something else that acts as a purgative.

    Other scientists also hypothesized that a mixture of almost everything that you do in the morning that sends you to the toilet.

    Through the circadian rhythms, your colon is more active in the morning.

    When you eat breakfast and add coffee to your table, these two will spark contractions in your colon.

    That said, you’ll be clamoring to go to the toilet afterward.

    Isn’t Coffee a Diuretic?

    Coffee is considered diuretic. So, why can coffee have that effect on your gut? Shouldn’t diuretic agents cause constipation?

    In a 2003 study, an individual who drinks coffee regularly could develop a strong tolerance to the diuretic properties of such beverage.

    Is Coffee Bad For You?

    For me, no. It’s perfectly good for me.

    However, the idea of coffee as bad stemmed from its addictive agents discovered in 1970s. According to the studies on that era, coffee was linked to higher rates of heart disease and cancer.

    But newer studies painted a clearer picture of our favorite morning beverage. Time reported that scientists couldn’t find evidence that would increase individuals’ risk of death from heart diseases and cancer.

    In fact, those people who drink 48 ounces of coffee each day don’t have life-threatening conditions.

    Scientists even concluded that there are some indications that regular coffee drinkers might drop their mortality risk.

    Which Coffee to Drink?

    Not all coffee products are created equal. The only healthy caffeine beverage is black coffee. That is, without milk and sugar.

    Thus, the benefits of coffee don’t’ extend to your café late and other flavored coffee drinks that are loaded with high amount of sugar.

    Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant?

    For most OB-Gyn, drinking coffee while pregnant is fine. As long as you stick to one cup a day.

    There are no studies that could link to caffeine and the fetus health.

    However, some recent studies showed that those who consumed more than 200 mg of caffeine a day could increase their risk of miscarriage.

    Too Long, Didn’t Read

    Coffee can make you poop because it stimulates the release of a hormone that increases activity in your colon.

    And yes, coffee is good for you as long as you drink in moderation and only consume black coffee.

    And if you’re pregnant, coffee is perfectly all right. But you should only consume not more than 200 mg of caffeine each day.

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