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  • Why Choose to Eat a Protein Bar and What are the Best Protein Bars Available?

    A protein bar can help satisfy your hunger without making you fat. Learn about why you should eat it and know more about the best protein bars on the market.

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    Why Choose to Eat a Protein Bar and What are the Best Protein Bars Available?

    January is a busy month, at least, when you’re in a gym. People are planning on how to eliminate all the pounds they’ve gained during the holidays. Some of us are wheeling down the protein bar aisles to look for pre and post-workout food.

    The traditional protein bars have been hit with a bad name. They were glorified as candy bars. The reason for this is that they were high in sugar. They are also full of processed components. This means that they contain more calories and less protein.

    Many of the popular protein bars have ingredients that health-conscious individuals want to avoid. These are the preservatives, gluten, dairy and artificial flavors. Soy protein isolate, for example, is a popular ingredient found in many healthier bars. It has remained controversial because it’s usually genetically modified. But there are soy protein isolates that are non-GMO, so you should check the label.

    Choosing Healthier Protein Bar

    Before you buy a protein bar, make sure that you’ve inspected its nutrients. Did they meet your needs?

    Experts said that you must get a bar that has a high amount of high-quality protein. It must also contain a high amount of fiber and healthy fats. These fats, like in chia seeds, flax, almond butter and walnuts, are healthy to the heart.

    Three Grams of Protein

    To fully enjoy the health benefits of a protein bar, you should look for a brand with at least three grams of fiber. The Nutrilite protein bar has a whopping 21 grams of protein to fully satisfy your hunger during snack time.

    In addition to the protein content, make sure that the bar has a shorter ingredient list. These ingredients should be easily pronounced, like seeds, fruits, and veggies. You should avoid bars that contain a list of sweeteners, like brown rice syrup and agave nectar. Nutrilite protein bar contains Stevia, a natural sweetener, making it a low sugar protein bar.

    Quick Snack

    When looking for the right protein bar, it’s important to ask yourself if you want a bar that can fully satisfy your stomach or a bar that will replenish your muscles after having a strenuous session at the gym.

    If you just need a quick snack, try to find a protein bar that’s under 200 calories.

    Now, if you choose a protein bar with a high amount of fiber, make sure that you drink plenty of water. This will mitigate the digestive effects of consuming a high-fiber bar.

    Other Protein Bars

    Apart from Nutrilite protein bar, it’s also worth considering these protein bars:

    Perfect Bar

    perfect bar protein bar

    Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in the Philippines. But this protein bar is so delectable you won’t believe that it contains spinach, alfalfa, kale, and celery. It’s also free of gluten, soy, and other GMO ingredients.

    It has organic honey that sweetens the bar. Perfect Bar has two new vegan flavors that contain almond coconut and almond acai. It doesn’t contain milk. Rather, it has almond butter. It’s also preservative-free.

    Greens Plusbar Energy

    greens plusbar protein bar

    Made of 100 percent real food, this protein bar is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It’s also packed wth quinoa, Spanish bee pollen, and Japanese chlorella, among its other energy-producing ingredients.

    This protein bar has natural and chocolate flavors. You’ll appreciate its hardcore ingredients, such as organic Nova Scotia dulse seaweed and organic wheatgrass. These ingredients are rare to find. It’s also rare to find such protein bar loaded with these wonderful ingredients. Each bar is so yummy you won’t expect it to be a healthy snack.

    Honey Stinger

    honey stringer

    This dark choice almond protein bar is also packed with vitamins and minerals that are wrapped in dessert-like chocolate. It’s only 190 calories. The fat content is 8 grams. It carb is 19 grams while sugar is 16 grams. The fiber content is two grams while it offers 10 grams of protein.


    epic protein bar

    If you’re following a Paleo diet, then you’d be happy to know that this protein bar is designed for you. This is made of animal-based protein that’s grass-fed. The meats in it are hormone-free and antibiotic-free.

    Its latest flavor is a beef liver bar. This is a nutrient-dense food with high amount of vitamins A and B12. It also contains phosphorus and copper. Once you have a taste of this bar, you will find that each flavor offers a savory taste that’s similar to a beef jerky.

    Chia Bar

    chia protein bar

    In this bar, you will find the grade A version of Chia seeds. They form the base of this protein, chewy bar. It has a high amount of protein, fiber, magnesium, and calcium. Each bar is packed with 100 calories. It’s also great and ideal for those with gluten allergies.

    Chia Bar has plenty of flavors, including apple cinnamon, chocolate peanut butter, and coffee. They are gratifying but they don’t contain too much sugar. In fact, it only has 5 grams of sugar that’s made from organic agave.

    Strong and Kind

    strong and kind protein bar

    It’s widely available at Starbucks. But you can also find this low-glycemic protein bar in your favorite grocery section. It’s one of the most popular protein bars that you can grab when you’re on the go. It contains whole almonds, seeds, and legumes.

    The latest savory line has 10 grams of protein. Most health experts would find this bar to be the most versatile as you can have it when you need to revitalize your body with a post-workout snack or a travel food. It also comes with plenty of surprising flavors, like honey BBQ and Thai sweet chili.

    Raw Rev

    protein bar raw rev

    The producer of this protein bar is Alice Benedetto, who’s a nurse and natural foods chef. It’s made of non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients. It also contains flax seeds, chlorella, oat, barley and wheat grass. The price point is too low compared with its competitors.

    It underwent minimal processing. Thus, it didn’t utilize too much heat to give you a rawer result while it lowers its carbon footprint. The latest flavors that the brand has are now creamier.

    Over To You

    What protein bar do you eat and why did you choose it over the bars we’ve mentioned here? Please share your thoughts with us.

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