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  • What is Whey Protein Isolate?

    Whey protein isolate is a byproduct of cheese. But what is it? What are its benefits? Its side effects? Which is better whey protein isolate vs whey protein concentrate?

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    Whey protein isolate is considered as the highest yield of protein. Its properties make it easiest to absorb in your body and muscles.

    This type of protein is the best to use as it contains a high concentration of BCAAs and pure whey.

    Because of its high concentration of whey, whey protein isolate is more expensive. But it lacks lactose, cholesterol, carbs and fats. For that reason, it’s frequently used as a health supplement.

    A serving of whey protein isolate can already provide you with the amino acids that you need to gain the benefits of your fitness efforts.

    It also contains a high amount of cysteine, leucine, and amino acids. With the high amount of pure protein without the fats and lactose, whey protein isolate makes it an ideal protein that you want to have to nourish your body. It is also great for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

    Closer Look

    As mentioned earlier, whey protein isolate is a byproduct of cheese. It’s the powdery substance as a result of the cheese production process. The whey protein isolate can be used in making meats, candies and other types of beverages.

    This powdery substance is the purest form of complete protein. Compared with other types of whey, it has a higher concentration of protein. During its manufacturing process, the fats and lactose from the powder are removed. You can also find whey isolate that comes with no cholesterol and carbs.

    Getting the best results with whey protein isolate

    There are different types of whey protein isolate. But the most common one is a powder that you can add to water or milk and drink it as a healthy beverage.

    Some manufacturers offer whey isolate in a prepared drink, which is ready for immediate consumption.

    You can find powder mixes and prepared drinks in a variety of flavors. But before you can enjoy its benefits, you need to take it immediately before or after a workout. However, you need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

    Whey protein isolate vs. whey protein concentrate

    Whey, per se, is a byproduct of cheese making. However, some brands of whey protein come from milk. But the majority of it comes from cheese. That is, when you make cheese, the byproduct is always whey.

    When it comes to the question of which one is better, some are saying that the concentrate is better as it contains more than just protein. It offers more health benefits. It also boosts your immune system.

    Other are saying that whey protein isolate doesn’t offer any health benefits.

    The truth is that these two types of protein provide nutritional benefits. There’s no outright winner here. Rather, it’s all just a matter of personal nutritional goals.

    Since whey protein concentrate contains lactose, it’s not to be taken by patients with lactose intolerance.

    The isolates underwent more processing than whey concentrate. Thus, they’re more expensive. Plus, they also lose those health-promoting compounds that you can find in concentrates. But they contain a higher amount of protein for every serving. Therefore, it’s perfect for those who are following a calorie restricted diet. That’s especially ideal for those who wish to consume real food. It’s also a better choice as a post-workout protein.

    However, for those who wish to prevent rises in insulin should avoid isolates because of their effects on insulin release.

    Dangerous forms

    Not all whey protein isolates are the same. Some forms are dangerous.

    Whey protein isolates don’t have alkalizing minerals. They’re also void of naturally occurring vitamins and lipids as they’re lost in the processing. As a result, they’re overly acidifying.

    That said, if they’re consumed in larger amounts without consuming alkalizing foods, they can acidify your body. Overtime, they can cause metabolic acidosis with several consequences. They can cause waste of muscle and bone tissues. Whey protein isolates may also increase your risk of developing a degenerative disease.

    Furthermore, some cheap whey protein isolates are produced from an acid cheese. These cheap whey protein isolates are byproducts of acid processing. It’s an inexpensive method for separating whey from the curd. Because of their inferior quality, they’re rated below pet foods. They’re considered more of a nitrogen waste product that a whey protein isolate that produces health benefits.

    The bottom line is that you must not use whey protein that is of inferior quality as it can cause more damage to your body than provide you with health benefits.

    To make sure that you’re getting a high-quality whey protein isolate, you should choose brands that are organic, grass-fed and made from unpasteurized milk. You must also opt for a product that’s cold processed. That’s because heat destroys the molecular structure of whey. It must be minimally processed and with rich, creamy, full flavor.

    Side effects

    Whey protein isolate is a safe supplement. But, just like any other supplements, if you abuse it, you’re going to experience serious adverse effects.

    Lactose intolerance

    Even if it contains only one percent of lactose, it’s still not advisable to patients with lactose intolerance.

    Intestinal irritation
    Diarrhoea and flatulence may still arise when you take whey protein isolate, even if you’re not lactose intolerant. During a whey protein cycle, it’s common to develop intestinal gas. So, don’t be so surprised if you frequently visit the bathroom. Your feces will also become softer than usual.

    You may also opt to take it with water, instead of milk to avoid that intestinal irritation.

    Kidney failure
    One of the worse consequences of drinking a high-protein diet, like consuming more of whey protein isolate is having kidney stones. To prevent it from happening, you must take it in moderate quantity. Plus, you have to drink plenty of water.

    Taking too much of whey protein isolate can cause you to lose fat in the short-term. But prolonged use of this beverage can lead to a ketosis state.

    Ketosis is a metabolic state. It’s where your body burns more fats to be used as energy instead of using carbohydrates. But it’s dangerous because it causes the liver to work more while it causes destruction to your muscle tissues.

    Prolonged ketosis state may also cause kidney stones and renal failure.

    Final Thoughts

    You need a lot of protein to lose weight and grow muscle. However, you need to be careful and take it in moderation. Be always moderate. It’s your key to staying healthy while you avoid its serious consequences.

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