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  • What’s the Best Motivation to Lose Weight?

    There are plenty of ways to help you stay motivated? But what’s the ideal motivation to lose weight? Here are some tips.

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    What’s the Best Motivation to Lose Weight?

    The key to finding the best motivation to lose weight is to know your fitness goals. You can’t stay highly motivated because it has a natural rhythm. When you see a drop in motivation, it doesn’t mean that you’re failing. It just means that you need to take a break from your usual diet or exercise plan for a few days.

    Health experts are saying that the more you try to catch it, the more elusive it is. Instead, allow it to run its natural course. Make sure that you have habit-changing skills so you can stay on track. In this way, your motivation levels will keep on running in their natural course.

    Remember the other areas of your life

    If you’re struggling to find the best motivation to lose weight and stick with your weight loss goals, you should remember other areas of your life.

    You can start by finally cleaning out your closet or make good on the promises you’ve made to your family and friends.

    When you start practicing to sticking with your commitments, you’re subconsciously strengthening your belief that you can indeed keep your promise of losing weight that you have made to yourself.

    Avoid being inspired by photos of super thin models

    It’s easy to pin or post photos of super thin models, like Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima. You may think that it’s a good way for you to stay motivated to lose weight. However, studies showed that doing so will only likely to hurt your progress.

    Why? [pullquote]Images of those super thin models might discourage you to have unrealistic self-standards.[/pullquote] When you stare at those photos while you log your food intake, you may feel like you can never achieve such body. As a result, you’d stop trying and stay motivated to lose weight.

    Thus, it’s ideal that you simply post images of your healthiest weight or body. Or you may check out real photos of real women before and after they’ve lost significant amount of weight.

    Track Your Progress

    Losing weight is a serious business. Health experts do recommend weight yourself every morning. In a study published in the Annals of Behavior Medicine, it showed that people who weighed themselves every day are more successful losers than those who don’t.

    You should also take note of your weight loss. Now, when you get discouraged that your goal is still too far since you’re not losing a pound in more than a week, try focusing on your long-term progress. It will help you stay motivated.

    Get a Massage

    Women who have accepted their bodies are likely to enjoy having better, healthier eating habits.  Allowing yourself to get a massage will make you feel more comfortable about your body. Getting a massage is a way to reward yourself for finally reaching your goals. This is another motivation that can further assist you in losing weight.

    Of course, you still have a long way to go. Once you’ve reached half of your goal, reward yourself. Doing so will less likely the you feel to throw in the towel when things are getting tougher around your marker.

    Go Slow

    Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. We, at Davao Weight Loss Shop, encourage our readers to lose weight slowly as they have a better chance of keeping their weight off. If you try to make an extreme diet, you’re more likely to get irritable, thereby, increasing your chances of failure.

    You may try cutting back 200 calories per day. It may be just a small amount of calories but, no matter how small it is, you won’t realize that you’re actually losing weight. Always keep in mind that the optimal weight loss is up to two pounds a week. If you remember it every time you’ll feel less motivated so you’ll feel less frustrated.

    Expect to Experience Setbacks

    What’s the Best Motivation to Lose Weight?

    Every successful dieter is more likely to give in to temptation, from time to time. You may think about eating pizza or hot fudge sundae after school or work. There’s nothing wrong with this craving. But it can pose a risk to your weight loss goal if you allow a single splurge to become an all-out binge.

    How? You may think that you’ve already blown your goal so you may want to eat the entire bag of Doritos. It’s a syndrome that most who failed to lose weight experienced.

    Avoid Becoming a Perfectionist

    Don’t overthink about the fact that you’ve just finished a pint of ice cream. Never think of it as a failure to stay on track with your weight loss goal.

    Eating a 100-calorie indulgence isn’t a failure. Thus, it shouldn’t be a reason for you to give up and eat a thousand-calorie indulgence.

    In other words, when you slip up (as most dieters would), just forget about it. You still have the next day to make a healthier choice.

    Find a Fitness Buddy

    Your fitness buddy can help you get competitive. The social influence of your team can help you lose more weight than you would if you would do it alone. Become a captain of your team as you’re more likely to lose more weight than your team members. The reason for this could be that you’re in the position to help your teammates in staying motivated.

    That said, try recruiting a group of friends and start leading your team to victory in shedding some pounds.

    Stage your Home

    Make sure that your house is a reflection of your healthier choices. That is, you should get rid of unhealthy foods from your pantry or fridge. Prepare healthier foods in clear containers. On your countertops, present some fruits in beautiful bowls.

    To further help you in staying motivated to exercise, always put your running shoes in front of your door so you can see it every day. Adjusting your environment will surely reflect your fitness goals allowing you to make it easier to stay on track and be motivated to finally lose weight and keep it off.

    Losing weight isn’t an easy goal. You should always remember that healthy eating is still a lifelong goal and can’t be achieve through a one-time project. For an added boost, talk to a nutritionist, a counselor or a weight loss trainer.

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