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  • What Melissa McCarthy Did to Lose Weight and Weight Loss Tricks of Oprah Winfrey?

    Melissa McCarthy is known for her weight. She doesn’t enjoy talking about it because she’s a human person. But when the topic of losing weight comes up, she has the perfect advice to say.

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    What Melissa McCarthy Did to Lose Weight and Weight Loss Tricks of Oprah Winfrey?

    Losing weight is usually a struggle. To shed pounds successfully, you’ll need to change your lifestyle to get the weight off and keep it off permanently. In some cases, the simplest diet tricks work the best in getting the weight off and keeping it off. And living a super boring life can lead to a weight loss success. Just ask Melissa McCarthy.

    Melissa McCarthy is known for her weight. She doesn’t enjoy talking about it because she’s a human person. But when the topic of losing weight comes up, Melissa has the perfect advice to say.

    Now that she has a slimmer size, Melissa revealed that living a super boring life helped her in losing 50 pounds.

    Not doing anything fun

    It’s the trick that she followed to lose weight. She said that she had lost weight because she didn’t do anything fun. [pullquote]That is, she had to go to bed at 7:30 pm[/pullquote]. The moment she stopped worrying about her weight, she started seeing a huge difference in her body.

    Melissa stopped over-analyzing about her weight. It had worked for her when she didn’t always being worried about her body.

    Drinking water before meals

    When you follow Melissa McCarthy and start drinking water half an hour before meals, you should start seeing results. The simplicity of this trick is the key to losing weight successfully. And it’s backed by science.

    In a report by Web MD, it showed that the participants who drank a pint of water before eating their main meals helped them in reducing their weight significantly. However, this weight loss trick must be combined with physical activity and a healthy diet.

    What’s great about it is that it helps you lose a moderate amount of weight and at a healthy rate. This change in your life is something that won’t take too much work and can be easily integrated into your busy life.

    Drinking more water will help you stop craving for more juice. When you drink an extra cup of water a day, you’re eating fewer than 68 calories. And if you consume extra three cups of H20 a day, you’re consuming 205 fewer calories. It translates to cutting 205 calories, which can truly contribute to shedding half a pound of weight a week.

    If you start to drink extra water, you’ll find that you’re consuming less sugar and salt. You’ll also realize that you’re eating less high-cholesterol foods. [pullquote]The reason for it is that water gives you satisfaction.[/pullquote] Thus, you tend to eat less.

    The effect of water works for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your race, gender or ethnicity is.

    However, the study about water as a way to lose weight didn’t look at the benefits of drinking sparkling or soda water. So, we don’t know whether or not it also leads to consuming fewer calories.

    Low-fat diet

    Vim Chi previously reported that following a low-fat diet is the key to weight loss. When you pair it with healthy eating, you can actually experience better fat loss results.

    Gut microbes

    Another study found that when the gut bacteria of someone who followed a diet high in fish oil were transplanted to another person whose diet is high in fat, the person with a diet rich in lard had experienced a slow down in weight gain.

    Apart from protecting someone against weight gain, the gut bacteria hoped in reducing inflammation.

    Of course, this study requires further validation. However, the result showed that those who wish to lose weight more quickly could find this trick useful.

    Oprah also offered best weight loss methods to help those who struggle to lose weight and keep it off. Since she started her partnership with Weight Watchers, she has lost 26 pounds. On Today show, she revealed her top tips to lose weight and stay on track.

    Eat seafood

    As often as possible, you should go with seafood. [pullquote]It’s your friend if you wish to lose weight.[/pullquote] Barramundi has become Oprah’s favorite fish. It’s also known as Asian sea bass. This fish is sustainable so you can easily find it in the Asian market.

    Chilean sea bass and salmon are also good. However, if you’re like Oprah, who’s following a Weight Watchers program, these two fishes have higher points values.

    However, large shrimp has lower points on the program.

    Consume vegetable

    When you satisfy your craving for a snack, Oprah recommends including jicama. It’s a vegetable that’s often overlooked in the market. It’s bulbous root vegetable with bad thin brown skin. Yes, it seems unappealing, but it may help you be satisfied with what you’re eating.

    Jicama is a great alternative to a bag of crispy chips.

    Make a spaghetti squash

    It does resemble a real spaghetti. However, it doesn’t taste like spaghetti. It doesn’t even have that chewy mouthfeel of pasta.

    Oprah knows it, so she added a few real noodles.

    Make a mashed cauliflower

    It’s a good alternative to a traditional mashed potato. Oprah opts for it because it has lower Weight Watchers value. If she has guests at home, she adds one potato and mashes a whole head of cauliflower.

    The addition of potato will give the food rich and creamy texture that you won’t realize that you’re consuming mostly cauliflower.

    Drink water

    Oprah isn’t a big fan of drinking a lot of water. Sho she adds ginger to it with a hint of vanilla. It makes her drink more H20.

    How about natural home remedies?

    There are also natural home remedies that you can use to lose weight and maintain it for good. But you have to make a goal of adjusting your lifestyle. [pullquote]That is, you should start adding more protein and fiber to your diet. [/pullquote]Then, ensure that you’re cutting your intake of sugar and refined foods.

    And if you don’t like drinking water, try the weight loss benefits of green tea. It contains ECGC, which increases your metabolism. Then, don’t forget to exercise to increase muscle mass. Yoga is great to increase your flexibility and reduce stress, which is something that can make it more difficult for you to lose weight.

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