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  • Weight Loss Tips to Avoid Wrecking Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

    What weight loss tips that you should follow that can help you avoid ruining your New Year’s weight loss resolution? Here are some of them.

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    Weight Loss Tips to Avoid Wrecking Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

    What’s the number one on your New Year’s resolution? Nearly half of us will resolve to make 2016 the year when we’ll be fitter and achieve weight loss success.

    That’s right. Weight loss continues to be the most popular New Year’s vows for many.

    Most of us would dream of our pounds melted off as soon as we hit the gym and sweat out. But for many of us, losing weight isn’t that simple. We’re sometimes stuck in a weight-watching purgatory.

    So, what are the weight loss traps that can definitely sabotage your weight loss goals?

    Doing too much in a short period of time

    Many people who want to lose weight overhaul their diets without a plan. They get too excited about counting calories. They tend to overexercise and undercut. Most of them end up in having too much restriction in their calorie intake.

    After weeks of such routine, they can no longer manage it.

    That’s because their bodies are not getting adequate fuel.

    They can no longer make substantial weight loss because they don’t have the energy to push their bodies faster and longer.

    This is one of the reasons experts do recommend making baby steps as the most effective way to lose weight. When you exercise, you must carry out a variety of workouts. Then, make small dietary changes at a time.

    Doing it that way will give your body a time to adjust to every change that you make.

    Adopting a diet without considering lifestyle

    Another way you’re sabotaging your weight loss goal is that you adopt a diet without considering your likes and lifestyles.

    If a certain diet requires you to eat specialty food that could drain your wallet or would make you feel deprived, it would never last.

    This type of diet is only effective in the short term. After a few weeks or months, it becomes harder to follow. As a result, you’d end up gaining back your weight.

    To remedy it, you must only follow an eating plan fits your lifestyle. It must be a plan that you enjoy.

    Overcompensating for a calorie burn

    Many people would engage in extreme exercise so they can eat what they want to eat. Some would eat more because they’re hungrier or they feel that they deserve a donut after having a tough workout. But this is wrong.

    To avoid overcompensating for a calorie burn, you should prepare a post-workout snack that you can eat when you return from a tough workout.

    What snack could that be? You may have a fat-free Greek yogurt or a piece of fruit.

    When you workout, make sure that it’s fun and entertaining. You can do so by meeting a friend for a run or listening to an audiobook while you jog.

    You should make sure that the form of exercise you’ll be doing is a type of workout that you genuinely enjoy. If you hate it, you’re not going to do it every day or regularly.

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