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  • Weight Loss Tips That Nutritionists Would Recommend

    Most weight loss tips today recommend eliminating carbs or cutting all fats. But this type of diet can’t be sustained for life. What nutritionists would recommend instead?

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    Weight Loss Tips That Nutritionists Would Recommend

    Most weight loss tips that you find on the Internet are a quick fix. They may also be a combination of a lifestyle overhaul and a quick fix.

    But athletes know that eliminating food groups may result in having low energy levels. As a result, they have to endure fatigue and immune system depression.

    Eliminating food groups to improve overall health and lose weight significantly may also mean hormonal disruptions and low mental focus. Since diet is a way of life, you should have a weight loss plan that you could live for the rest of your life.

    So, what weight loss tips that nutritionists would recommend if they have to lose weight?

    Eat Major Food Groups in Moderation

    Most weight loss tips today recommend eliminating carbs or cutting all fats. But this type of diet can’t be sustained for life. The reason for this is that all food groups are required by our body to function properly.

    For that reason, nutritionists don’t recommend cutting those macronutrient groups.

    Instead, they suggest eating them in moderation.

    Or opt for the best sources of those food groups, like brown rice for white rice or a slice of avocado rather than a sandwich.

    Avoid extremely low-calorie diets

    Restricting calories can cause unhealthy relationship with food. You should only follow a low-calorie diet if it’s recommended by your health care provider.

    Don’t go too extreme as it can create detrimental effects to your body as you’ll be nutrient deficient.

    Opt for High-Healthy-Fats

    Before, nutritionists thought that the reason of the rising obesity rates was high-fat diet. Because of that, most of us started to fill our fridge with low-fat cookies and opt for fat-free foods.

    But low-fat foods that are processed have more sugar than regular snacks. The reason for this is that the manufacturers of those snacks add more sugar to make their products taste good.

    In terms of calories, fat is denser than carbs and protein. But it still helps you in feeling full longer and supporting your blood sugar and energy levels.

    These two factors are necessary for hormone regulation and prevent you from feeling deprived.

    What you need are high-healthy-fat foods, such as coconut oil, extra virgin oil, and flax seeds, among others.

    It’s also ideal to keep their portions in check.

    Do they recommend a juice cleanse?

    Nutritionists don’t recommend a juice cleanse. Fruits have great mounts of glucose and fructose.

    In apple, for example, there are 23 grams of sugar in it.

    However, this fruit is also rich in fiber that balances the sugar load. But when you make an apple juice, you’re stripping away the fiber.

    You may be providing your body with some nutrients, but you’re also giving it a lot of sugar, according to JJ Virgin.

    Do you need to forbid yourself from eating your favorite foods?

    “No,” said Rebecca Scritchfield of Capitol Nutrition Group. If you want to follow a healthy eating strategy, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods as it can only hinder your healthy intensions.

    Depriving yourself of those foods would only lead to overeating later.

    Instead of food deprivation, you should balance them in your portions.

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