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  • Weight Loss Surgery: Should You Consider It?

    Weight loss surgery, have you thought about it? This post will enlighten you as to whether or not you’ll be a good candidate for such weight loss method.

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    Weight loss surgery, have you thought about it?

    This method of losing weight is getting more buzz lately. Most people who underwent such failed to shed some pounds through diet and exercise. For some, this method could be a lifesaver.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t ideal for everyone who wants to have a body like a model. Although doctors consider bariatric surgery as safe, there are risks that you must consider.

    Furthermore, this method isn’t automatic. Although you’ll lose weight from this surgery, you’ll still need to commit to lifelong changes. That means, eating the right food and having a healthy lifestyle.

    Who can undergo weight loss surgery?

    Doctors may only recommend this method for patients with a BMI of greater than 40. The FDA did approve Lap-Band restrictive surgery for patients with a BMI of 30 or higher and they have a medical condition related to obesity.

    You may also benefit from it if you’re suffering from obesity-related medical conditions that may improve by losing some inches. This means that if you’re suffering from diabetes or severe arthritis, your condition might dramatically improve through a small weight loss.

    Some health centers to recommend this method of losing weight if you’ve demonstrated that diet and exercise didn’t work. This could be your last resort.

    However, you can’t proceed with weight loss surgery if you can’t promise to have a permanent lifestyle change right after undergoing this method. Keep in mind that it may give you instant results; it’s not a quick solution. Some people who underwent this type of surgery consider it as a beginning of their new healthy lifestyle.

    Before you undergo such, you’ll need to understand the risks involved. By accepting the risks, your doctor may start preparing you for this kind of method to lose extra pounds.

    Is weight loss surgery covered by insurance?

    It really depends on your case. Some insurance companies may cover it. But you need to ask your insurance provider if they can cover the expenses involved in this type of operation.

    What’s my opinion?

    Weight loss surgery is too risky to take and it has a hefty price tag. I do recommend embracing a healthy lifestyle and eating the right food. As previously mentioned, this surgery is not a quick fix. It’ll still require you to get into a permanent healthy lifestyle. But if your “career” depends on it, then you might want to give it a try.


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