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  • Weight Loss Programs That Really Work

    Let’s take a look at the weight loss programs that really work, including Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.

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    Weight Loss Programs That Really Work

    Believe it or not, weight loss programs do work. But not all of them. There are a few of them that live up to their promises and assist people in shedding the amount of weight and keep it off. In a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University, researchers looked at studies that examined commercial weight loss programs. According to the study, the most effective plan is the Weight Watchers.

    In this post, let’s look into Weight Watchers and other weight loss programs that really work or may work for you.

    1. Weight Watchers

    Weight Watchers - Weight Loss Programs That Really Work

    It’s been around for more than 50 years. That alone is a testimony that it’s indeed useful in losing weight loss. It’s also one of the few diet programs backed by clinical research.

    In this program, you don’t need to endure a fixed membership. You can join through meetings, personal coaching subscription or OnlinePlus. The latest feature introduced last year encourages users to eat healthier, choose a fitness that fits your lifestyle and develop skills that can help you tune in and unlock your inner strength.

    The latest food plan it offers will guide you to the overall eating pattern of foods, which are lower in saturated fats and sugar and calories but higher in protein. You can eat whatever food you want, but you need to remain within your daily SmartPoints target.

    Researchers found that Weight Watchers dieters lost an average of 6 pounds compared to other weight loss programs after four weeks. However, after the first month, Weight Watchers dieters continued to lose weight while dieters following other programs didn’t make a significant difference.

    The best thing about it is that you won’t go hungry with it.

    2. Jenny Craig

    Jenny Craig - Weight Loss Programs That Really Work

    In this program, you’ll need to eat the prepackaged meals and recipes provided by the program. It also emphasizes on eating a healthy diet and having an active lifestyle with some behavior modification. You’ll have personal consultants who will be guiding you throughout your weight loss journey from day one.

    There’s no guesswork here because you’ll have prepackaged meals delivered to your doorstep. That said, you’re not allowed to eat home-cooked meals or eat at restaurants. Since you’ll be purchasing prepackaged meals, it can bust your budget.

    The personal consultant who’ll do the one-on-one counseling session isn’t a nutrition professional. However, these constants are trained in the basics of exercise, behavior modification and nutrition through a developed course by registered dietitian. Many of its consultants used to be Jenny Craig members.

    The diet you need to follow will be based on your current weight, motivation level, and fitness habits.

    As mentioned earlier, it’s expensive as you need to pay a $99 enrollment fee and $19.99 a month for its Jenny All Access program.

    In a review conducted and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers found that the participants of this weight loss program lost most weight for more than 12 months.

    The program is easy to follow and very convenient. But, as mentioned earlier, it’s quite expensive.

    3. HMR

    HMR - Weight Loss Programs That Really Work

    To lose weight with this program, you’ll need to replace your meal with fruits and vegetables. In this program, you’ll be eating nutrition bars, low-calorie shakes, and meals in place of their meals/snacks.

    You need to consume fruits and vegetables that are low in calories to displace high-calorie foods from a diet. When you mix veggies and fruits with the HMR meal, you’ll have nutritious meals. Then, it requires physical activity for a long-term weight management. It’s also vital to walk for 10 to 20 minutes a day to attain your weight loss goals.

    This program was developed by Lawrence Stifler, who’s the president of HMR and a behavioral psychologist. HMR weight loss program involves two phases. The first phase’s goal is to lose weight quickly. The diet kit will include the foods that you need for the first three weeks. But the kit doesn’t involve the fruits and vegetables.

    Home delivery will ensure that you’ll never run out of food so you won’t fail in losing weight. Once you reached your goal, you’ll transition to phase 2.

    But will it help you lose weight? According to several studies, meal replacement weight loss programs can lead to a significant weight loss. When you stick with the HMR food options and add fresh produce, you should lose weight.

    It’s easy to follow. If you have a sweet tooth, the shake powders would satisfy it.

    4. Atkins 

    Atkins - Weight Loss Programs That Really Work

    The claim of this program is that you can lose up to 15 pounds within 14 days. In this program, you’ll have to eat a lot of fatty foods. Although you’ll be eating lots of fatty foods, you won’t consume sweets and bread.

    Atkins diet involves four phases. We’ve already covered the stages before. You may check it out here.

    Regarding its effectiveness, it does appear to help you lose weight successfully. But the majority of the initial loss is water. The results may vary. In a study published in 2006, it showed that dieters who followed this program lost up to 10 pounds of weight within four weeks. But after that, dieters didn’t experience any weight loss.

    After two years, dieters using Atkins regained some of their lost weight. That said, experts recommend choosing a diet that can fit with your lifestyle. If your lifestyle lets you focus on eating lower carbs, then this diet might help you.

    5. Slimfast

    Slimfast - Weight Loss Programs That Really Work

    Losing weight with this program is as simple as restricting your calories. You’ll also have to follow portion sizes. Slimmest products include shakes, snack bars, and meal bars. Although there are several restrictions, you can still prepare a 500-calorie meal of your choice. That said, you still have room for a small portion of your favorite food.

    Your goal here is to consume 1,200 calories a day. So, yes. You’ll lose weight fast. The calories will come from Slimfast products and three snacks. This program is useful for people who want to lose up to 20 pounds of weight.

    In a 2006 study, dieters following this program lost around six pounds of weight for more than four weeks. It’s the same degree of initial weight loss found in dieters who followed Weight Watchers.

    The program’s ease of use will depend on how long you can survive eating snack bars, meal bars, and shakes. The products have different flavors. However, if you don’t like their taste, then Slimfast might not be for you. Still, you’re allowed to have a 500-calorie home-cooked meal.

    Furthermore, eating just 1,200 calories a day can be extreme to some. Because of how extreme it is, this diet isn’t ideal for dieters who are under 18. Still, this weight loss program is safe if you follow the entire plan.

    6. Mayo Clinic Diet

    Within two weeks, you’ll shed up to 10 pounds of weight. At least, that’s the claim of this weight loss program. To lose weight effectively, you’ll need the book as your guide. There are two parts in this diet. Part 1 focuses on the 15 habits. In here, there’s no counting of calories. You can eat all you want, but it must be fruits and vegetables.

    Two weeks after, you’ll start part 2. At this phase, you’ll have to watch your calorie intake. You need to learn the calories you must eat to lose and maintain weight. What’s good with this program is that there’s no off-limits. It means that you won’t restrict yourself to any food groups, but you’ll develop a healthy eating pattern.

    In 2008, a pilot program was released. Employees of Mayo Clinic were asked to follow the program for two weeks. They lost 8 pounds of weight. Unfortunately, the pilot study program didn’t involve a control group.

    If you’re following low-energy dense foods, like the ones suggested in this diet, will deliver significant weight loss.

    7. Vegan Diet

    This diet lets you cook a healthy meal. As it encourages you to eat meat and dairy-free meal plan, you’ll reduce your risk of suffering from diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The meal plan is rich in fiber, and it offers a lot of health and environmental benefits. Unfortunately, it’s restrictive, and it requires a lot of work.

    Vegan diet eliminates meat, fish, and poultry from the table. Unlike vegetarians, vegans don’t eat dairy and eggs. In other words, all animal products are a no-no in this program.

    You’ll be highly likely to lose weight with vegan diet. In several studies, it showed that those who eat vegetables weigh less than their meat-eating counterparts. If you do it properly, eating fruits and veggies will help you feel full even on fewer calories. With the calorie deficit, you’ll surely lose weight.

    In a study, researchers found that dieters who are on a vegan diet lost a significant amount of weight by up to 16.5 pounds. The authors of the study suspected that it has something to do with the diet itself that focuses on eating high-fibre foods, which make you feel full for longer. Because your diet is low in calories and low in fat, you’re likely to lose weight.

    But to lose weight with this program, it takes hard work.

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