• Weight Loss And Its Ripple Effect

    Can your partner benefit from your weight loss approach? How?

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    Weight Loss And Its Ripple Effect

    Most of us want to lose weight to reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases associated with too much body weight. But for some, losing weight is about allowing them to wear their favorite outfit again. What other benefits can you get from losing weight?

    In a recent study, losing weight won’t only benefit you but also to your loved ones. That is to say, your diet and lifestyle choices can help in changing your partner’s life for the better.

    For that reason, adopting a balanced diet isn’t just for your own sake but also for your partners.

    The ripple effect isn’t about your partner want to see you fitter but your significant other will likely to follow in your footsteps.

    As observed by Prof. Amy Gorin and her colleagues, when one changes behavior, the people around him/her change too, calling it a ripple effect. It doesn’t matter what lifestyle approach you follow. Your healthy behavior can provide some benefits to other people’s lives.

    In the study, the researchers observed 130 couples, who lived together for six months. In every relationship, one person followed a weight loss regimen.

    The researchers found that partners who did not participate in the weight loss program had lost weight along with their partners, who engaged in a weight loss regimen.

    Funded by the Weight Watchers International, the study suggests that we don’t just benefit from our weight loss choices, but they’re also beneficial to our partners.

    By changing what we eat or how we eat, as well as our exercise habits, can significantly affect others in either positive or negative way. On the positive note, your spouse would also try to follow your behavior and join you in counting calories or eat lower-fat, high-protein and low-carb foods.

    Hence, concerning healthy habits, two heads are usually better than one. In a study researchers revealed that a person is more likely to be successful in swapping bad habits for good is if his/her partner makes some changes too.

    In physical fitness, the most compelling peer pressure to help you get moving would come from the person who is always sitting across from you when eating at your breakfast table, i.e., your significant other.

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