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  • What Can You Do to Shed Pounds in One Year?

    Here are easy ways to lose more pounds in less than a year

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    Being overweight can have different disadvantages. This is especially true if you’re a mother.

    weight loss in one year

    Imagine hanging out with your kids at the park. If you don’t lose weight or shed pounds, you’d sit on the sideline while your kids are playing, instead of playing with them. The reason? You can’t keep up with your kids.

    But what should you do first to start shedding some pounds?

    Count Calories

    Don’t change your habit first. Instead, find out what you’re regularly consuming by starting the habit of counting calories.

    You’ll be shocked to see how much food you’re eating every day. You may even be consuming 3,000 calories each day.

    It’s also best for you to limit or stop drinking sugary drinks or soda. This can be difficult, especially if you drink it every day.

    To make it easier to stop drinking soda, you can add flavor to your drinking water. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that you’re no longer adding flavor to the water.

    Start Cooking

    When you start to cook your own food, you can avoid eating processed foods, as well as fast foods.

    You’ll also start consuming fruits and veggies. There are plenty of new recipes (panlasang pinoy) that you can find online.

    If you do this for a few weeks, your craving for processed snack foods will eventually stop. Instead of those junk foods, you’ll find yourself eating grapes, for example.


    A lot of those who’ve successfully lost weight still indulge to satisfy their sweet-tooth cravings. But they indulge in healthy treats. Like opting for Greek yogurt, instead of cookies or brownies.

    Go Zumba

    You don’t need to attend Zumba class and be outside at the park dancing. If you have a Wii device, you can play Zumba on it.

    Or work out for a few minutes. At home. Some love working out at home because they don’t need to feel that they’re being judged for their terrible dance moves. Plus, working out at home allows them to do it anytime.

    And if you have treadmill at home, start walking or jog on it to get the exercise that you need each week.

    To Count Calories Forever Or Not

    Some would think that it’s a horrible idea to count calories forever. But for others, counting calories even if they’ve already lost the weight they’ve wanted becomes a habit for them. If they stopped counting, they wouldn’t have that number that would tell they’re going overboard.

    After six months or a year of keeping these healthy habits, you’ll surely lose more than a hundred pounds.

    What Can Be Your Reward for Losing Weight?

    Besides having a healthy body, you can finally stop worrying about people judging you because of your extra weight. And if you wouldn’t lose weight, you wouldn’t have the energy handling all your household chores (studies, work, career, etc) and your kids.

    Don’t Think About It as a Diet

    One of the reasons many people fail to lose weight is that they consider changing their eating habits as a diet.

    Instead of thinking of it as a diet, see it as a way of living. You’ll be comfortable in sticking with your eating plan and your workout routine.

    And don’t forget to drink lots of water. The first thing that those who were successful in their weight loss goal do in the morning is drink a glass of water. And before each meal, they have another glass of water to help them feel full faster. Even if they eat smaller portions, they still feel satisfied.


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