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  • Water for Weight Loss – Might be the Easiest Way to Lose Weight According to Scientists

    Drinking water before meals might be the easiest way to lose weight. Why and how? Learn more.

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    Do you drink water before meals? If you don’t, you might want to start now and invest in a refillable water bottle.

    Water for Weight Loss – Might be the Easiest Way to Lose Weight According to Scientists


    I’ve been reading a lot of articles recommending drinking water before eating could help you feel full allowing you to eat less. This hasn’t been proven, until now.

    In the journal Obesity, a study was published and revealed that by consuming a glass of water before mealtime could definitely help you lose weight.

    In the experiment, researchers recruited 84 obese adults. They were randomly grouped into two. The first group was advised to drink 16 ounces of water just 30 minutes before their main meals. The second group was told to simply image that they had a full stomach right before eating. (Guess who’s the winner?)

    Who Lost More?

    It’s not a surprise that the first group, who consumed water before eating, has lost three pounds. The weight loss is more than what the second group did. Over 12 weeks, those who drank water before consuming their three daily meals said that they’ve lost 10 pounds.

    According to the author of the study, shedding extra unnecessary pounds within a year is significant to an individual. By simply drinking water before meals, it becomes an easy way to help you out in losing weight.

    This is an astonishing result considering the simple behavior that you need to do. Past studies have concluded that keeping yourself hydrated could indeed help you with your weight loss.

    Just Drink Water?

    Of course, drinking water before meals shouldn’t give you an idea of eating almost anything to lose weight as long as you drink water before you eat.

    What the study is saying is that drinking water before eating your meal can significantly reduce your calorie consumption. And to further help you shed more pounds, you should still increase your physical activity and follow a healthy diet.

    These will help you achieve the weight that you desire at a moderate, healthy rate.

    This is something that you should integrate to your busy life. It’s easy and be done in a few seconds. Apart from that, you don’t need specific type of water to help you feel full. Tap water will do.

    Growing Concern

    Obesity is a growing concern in the Philippines. It has been affecting not just adults but also kids. With this latest study, losing weight doesn’t require you to carry out a mammoth task. A 500-ml of water before each meal could easily make you shed some pounds. But not overnight, definitely.

    However, drinking water before meals may not be appropriate for some individuals, especially those who are suffering from a kidney failure. A pint of water is simply not appropriate for them.

    The team of researchers who conducted this study is planning to have a longer-term trial. The goal is to better understand how water influences weight loss journey. Nevertheless, drinking water to lose weight can be your easiest bet.

    Consuming water 30 minutes before meals will not only help you lose weight but it will also reduce your risk of having a urinary tract infection. 

    Do you practice this healthy habit? Are you willing to start drinking water to achieve your weight loss?

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