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  • Vegetarian Weight Loss: Does It Work for the Long-Term?

    Vegetarian weight loss worked for Adele. Will it work for the long-term? What should you know before going this route?

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    Vegetarian Weight Loss: Does It Work for the Long-Term?

    You might have heard about the success of those who are practicing vegetarian weight loss diet. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is one them. It did work for her but will it every work for you? Are there inside secrets that you must know to lose weight with this method?

    Why Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet May Work?

    When you go vegetarian, you’ll lose weight right away. One of its reasons is the fiber content of vegetables.

    Fiber-rich foods have the ability to sweep through your intestines and pushes the stool out. Having a constant supply of grain would mean that you’re cleaning out your pipes regularly.

    [pullquote]A vegetarian diet is a lifestyle change.[/pullquote] It may be easy for some, but it may not be for others. What’s great about it is that you won’t only lose weight, but you’ll also experience many positive changes in your life.

    So, yes, it works for the long-term.

    How to Start a Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet?

    Don’t switch to Vegan Meat and Dairy Substitutes

    To help you get started, avoid changing your old diet for vegan meat and dairy substitutes immediately.

    It’s not ideal when it comes to losing weight. The reason for this is that these foods are high in fat and sodium. They’d only go against your goal. Thus, it’s ideal to learn simply how to create a menu filled with vegetables.

    Don’t Avoid Whole Grains

    Then, you should not fear whole grains. Some of the fad diets may require elimination of cereals and other grain-based foods. However, this isn’t a good idea because whole grains contain essential nutrients that you need.

    Whole grains are healthy because they have complex carbs used for energy so they’re digested slowly. They can help you control your blood sugar levels, so they’re more balanced, resulting in a significant weight loss.

    Cut Back on Your Sugar Intake

    The more you eat sugary foods, the harder it is for you to lose weight. Eating too much of these foods can cause an overgrowth of yeast in your system. If there’s too much yeast in your body, it becomes harder for you to lose weight.

    Avoid Fruit Juice

    Fruit juices contain a high amount of sugar. Although fruits are great for your body, fruit juices contain simple sugars. It’s true that fruits contain water-rich fiber. However, fruit juices no longer contain the fiber that your body needs.

    Instead of opting for fruit juices, choose to eat the fruit or drink fresh vegetable juice.

    Eat Green Leafy Vegetables

    You must focus on eating broccoli, bok choy, mustard and other types of vegetables that contain calcium. This mineral is essential for you to lose weight more efficiently when you choose a vegetarian weight loss diet.

    Vegetarian Weight Loss: Does It Work for the Long-Term?

    Apart from leafy vegetables, it’s also ideal that you eat nuts. They contain healthy fats and vegan protein. Raw nuts are great as they contain essential enzymes that your body needs to actually lose weight.

    If you can’t take raw nuts, go for toasted nuts as their taste is more exciting. They also make the protein more available for your system. But you shouldn’t go overboard. Getting 1/4 cups of nuts a day is enough to help you lose weight.

    Don’t be Discouraged About Your Scale

    Your scale may give you an idea about your weight. But scales sometimes lie. You can lose inches, but you still gain weight.

    In vegetarian weight loss diet, you’re building muscles as long as you combine your diet with exercise. The muscles that you build aren’t the he-man type. Rather, they’re the ones that you need to tone your body and get rid of the fats.

    Compared with fats, muscles are denser. [pullquote]As your muscles grow, your fats will be burned off.[/pullquote] It will then result in a reduction in inches. When this happens, your scales may remain the same. That said, it’s ideal only to pull out a measuring tape and hide your weighing scale.

    Get into Aerobic Exercise

    For you to see significant changes when you undergo a vegetarian weight loss diet, you must start an aerobic exercise program. And don’t forget weight-lifting. Exercising is essential to losing weight.

    Even though you may still lose weight without exercise when you go vegetarian, the weight loss result may not be the kind of result that you’re seeking.

    Having a 30-minute walk is better than not exercising. However, you must aim to work out and sweat to lose those stubborn fats.

    If you want to include lifting weights, talk to a pro. In this way, you’ll know how to do it properly as doing it wrong can only hurt yourself.

    Aim for Quality

    There are some junk food vegetarians available. But they’re not of high quality. When you go for vegetarian weight loss diet, you should not focus on animal-based ingredients but concentrate on eating nutrient-rich foods.


    Adults and children who are following a vegetarian weight loss diet are leaner than those who are eating meat. The reason for this is that this type of diet emphasizes on eating more fruits and vegetables. It also includes whole grains and the plant-based proteins. These foods are more filling, and they’re also less calorie dense. Plus, they’re lower in fat.

    Unfortunately, vegetarian isn’t automatically a low-calorie diet. That is, you if your portion sizes are still too big. Then, if you eat too many calorie foods, you can also gain weight. Sweetened beverages, snack foods, and desserts should be eliminated from your diet.

    It’s also ideal to remember that foods marketed as vegetarian because they contain a high amount of calories and fats. These foods will include soy cheese, refried beans, and snack bars.

    Final Thoughts

    Vegetarian weight loss diet isn’t another diet. Rather, it’s considered as a lifestyle change. It helps you eat a healthy diet while you burn calories.

    Do you have something to add to this topic? If you wish to start a vegetarian weight loss diet, you should consult a nutritionist first. It is to make sure that you’re getting the right nutrients while you lose weight.

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