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  • Yes, You Can Treat UTI Symptoms without Antibiotics

    How to treat UTI symptoms without antibiotics? What are the natural remedies you can apply? Read on to find out more.

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    Millions of people around the world suffer from urinary tract infections (UTI). The traditional remedy is to use an antibiotic. However, you can treat your UTI symptoms sans the use of antibacterial medicines. 

    Our body has a mechanism that can treat illnesses without any medical intervention. It is the same with UTIs. In some cases, uncomplicated UTIs can resolve on their own without antibiotics. However, if your UTI is complicated, you will need medical treatment. 

    Complicated UTI can cause changes in your urinary tract. It means that you will experience a reduced flow of urine. If you have a chronic condition affecting your immune systems, such as HIV and lupus, then you will need a medical treatment to treat it. 

    How to Treat UTI Symptoms without Antibiotics? 

    Hydrate Yourself 

    Dehydration is linked to urinary tract infection. The reason for this is that urination helps flushing bacteria from the tract to avoid infection. 

    In a study, women who did not take a lot of fluids and did not urinate frequently had recurrent UTIs. This study also stated that women who increased their fluid intake also decreased their UTI frequency. 

    To stay hydrated, you must drink water only. Indeed, coffee is fluid. However, it can cause dehydration. Soda is also liquid but it is dehydrating. It does not replace the fluids you have lost while sweating. 

    Thus, focus on drinking water the entire day. Make sure to drink a glass if you are thirsty. 

    To help you meet your recommended fluid intake per day, make sure that you drink at least 500 ml of water after waking up. If you can take 1L of water when you wake up, then that would be a huge help. 

    a glass of cranberry juice for UTI symptoms

    Drink Cranberry Juice 

    It has been proven to treat UTI symptoms. It is a well-established natural treatment that can clear general infections. Cranberry juice is also useful in speeding your recovery time. 

    In a review, cranberry juice might contain compounds that could prevent E. coli. These compounds could attach to the bacteria in the urinary tract and help eliminate them. 

    Furthermore, this juice has antioxidants, which are known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

    The amount of cranberry juice to take to treat UTI has not established yet. However, the common recommendation is to take at least 400 ML a day to treat UTIs. 

    However, you must only use 100% unsweetened cranberry juice. 

    Boost Vitamin C

    As you increase your vitamin C, you are boosting your body’s defense mechanism that can help fight urinary tract infections. This type of vitamin increases urine’s acidity. Thus, it can help in killing off the bacterial strain causing the infection. 

    In this study, researchers found that vitamin C contained a protective effect that could help cut the risk of UTIs. 

    To boost your vitamin C intake, you may increase your fruits and vegetable intake. But make sure that they are rich in vitamin C. Some examples would include oranges, kiwifruit, red peppers. 

    Use Probiotics

    Do not apply it on your genitals, though. Rather, you must eat probiotics to keep your urinary tract healthy. 

    Choose probiotics containing lactobacilli to prevent UTIs. Probiotics are known to avert harmful bacteria from attaching to your urinary tract. 

    Then, they produce hydrogen peroxide that can be used as an antibacterial agent. They also lower your urine pH, making it acidic. Bacteria cannot thrive in an acidic environment. 

    You may also take lactobacillus supplements. Or you may opt to consume kefir, sauerkraut, and yogurts. Some types of cheese may also contain probiotics. 

    Practice Good Bathroom Habits 

    You may have the habit to hold your urine for too long. It could be because you do not want to go as you finish your work or it was difficult for you to find a toilet. Whatever the reason is, holding your urine for too long can cause a buildup of bacteria. 

    It is also highly recommended that you urinate after having sex. It can help in reducing the risk of UTIs. Furthermore, you need to wash your genitals after coitus to prevent UTI symptoms. 

    And when you use the toilet, wipe your genitals from front to back and not the other way around. If you wipe from back to front, there is a tendency that the bacteria in your anus can spread to the UT, which can increase your risk of UTI. 

    Use Natural Supplements 

    The use of natural supplements may help in lowering your risk of developing UTI. (By clicking the link, you will be directed to our online shop.)

    One of the supplements to try is D-mannose. You can find it in cranberries and it has been proven to treat UTI symptoms and stop recurrence. 

    Uva-ursi may also help. Also known as bearberry leaf, this supplement can be effective if combined with dandelion root and leaf. 

    Another supplement to try is cranberry extract. It works like cranberry juice as it prevents bacteria from attaching to your urinary tract. 

    Or you may use garlic extract. It has antibacterial properties that can help in blocking bacterial growth, thereby, preventing UTI symptoms. 

    Should You See a Doctor 

    Although you can treat UTI symptoms without the use of antibiotics, it is still ideal that you talk to your doctor about your condition. In this way, you can prevent the infection from getting worse. Keep in mind that severe infection can be difficult to treat, even with antibiotics. 

    What are the UTI Symptoms 

    The most common signs of UTI would include pain when urinating accompanied by low-grade fevers. You may also notice that you always have the urgency to urinate or that there is pressure around the groin or lower abdomen. 

    Your urine’s odor also changed. For severe UTI, your urine turns cloudy or bloody. 

    Most of us develop a UTI at some point in our life. And women are more prone to it. Indeed, UTI symptoms can go away on their own without medical intervention. However, it still best to see your doctor. He can give you some other natural remedies to prevent it from getting severe. 

    You may use those natural remedies and techniques to treat UTIs. However, if the symptoms remain after a few days, make sure to see your doctor right away. UTI symptoms can be tolerable. However, if not treated well, they could affect your daily activities.

    Head over to our online shop to find some natural supplements for UTI symptoms.

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