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  • US Government Approved Treatment for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

    Drug-Resistant tuberculosis could now be easily cured. Thanks to this newly approved tuberculosis treatment. Find out more about it here.

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    a lady coughing. it could be that she has drug-resistant tuberculosis. she could use the latest drug that treats the deadliest form of TB

    Drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is one of the deadliest forms of tuberculosis. This type of TB happens when the germs are not treated properly. MDR-TB is also difficult to treat. But with the newly approved TB medicine, sufferers might have an opportunity to get a cure. 

    TB Drug from TB Alliance 

    TB Alliance, a nonprofit group developed pretomanid through the help of government and charities. The Food and Drug Administration approved the pill. Patients can take it along with the other two antibiotics. 

    Nearly 90% of patients with extensive drug-resistant TB took the treatment. Within six months of clinical trials, they have recovered. The current drug regimen to treat TB is only 34%. 

    The pretomanid is the third new tuberculosis drug that gained approval globally in 50 years. 

    Before this drug has been approved, the only best treatment for patients with MDR-TB is to take eight kinds of pills for up to 30 months. Some would die before they could finish their treatment. 

    Every year, 1.6 million people with tuberculosis died. Patients can spread the disease through droplets when they sneeze or cough. The bacteria can easily enter the lungs and other organs. 

    The new pill is approved to be used with Sirguro and Zyvox. They are antibiotics typically used for those toughest forms of TB. These three drugs can attack MTB in various ways. 

    However, they come with serious side effects. Some patients might suffer from liver damage and nerve pain. Others would have an irregular heartbeat. 

    The latest treatment combination could assist more than 75,000 patients around the world. Most of them are found in third-world countries.

    Even though the US has an insignificant number of TB cases, the FDA is the first regulator to approve the new pill. But the regulator’s action would allow countries to quickly approve the medicine. 

    How to Prevent Tuberculosis 

    Patients with TB should learn to cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough. They must practice cough etiquette.

    And if you used a tissue to cover your mouth and nose, you must put it in a bin. After coughing, you should wash your hands. 

    There is a vaccine available. Developed in the 1920s, this vaccine may only be effective in children. In adults, the effectiveness of the vaccine is variable. 

    When you care for a loved one with TB, you should limit your exposure. You must wear masks every time you are near the patient. The patient must also cover his mouth and nose to stop aerosolization of their sputum. 

    Can Immunotherapy Fight Tuberculosis 

    If you are healthy, your immune system is strong enough to fight off any infection from viruses and bacteria. Thus, when you breathe Mycobacterium tuberculosis, your immune function might be able to kill the bacteria right away without you getting ill. 

    However, if you are immunocompromised, your immune system might not have enough defense to fight the bacteria effectively. 

    Thus, to boost your immune system, make sure that you eat a lot of fresh foods and vitamins. Make sure that you have enough sleep. Avoid working or partying too much. 

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