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  • Undeniable Reasons to Love Polyphenols

    What’s been causing all the buzz in the weight loss community is the polyphenols. Commonly known as flavanols or catechins, these compounds are vital to every person who wishes to lose weight or tone their abs.

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    Undeniable Reasons to Love Polyphenols

    We’ve all heard about the benefits of green tea. But what’s really in it that makes it beneficial in losing weight? The answer: polyphenols. They’re vital in every person who wishes to shed some pounds or get ripped.

    The discovery of green tea’s benefits has occurred thousands of years ago. However, its popularity in the weight loss community has just begun. This compound has become a staple in most top fat-burning supplements.

    Green tea comes from a plant known as Camellia sinensis, which is an evergreen shrub that’s native to Southeast Asia. Because of the health benefits of this plant, it can now be found across the world. There are several teas that came from this plant but green tea is quite different from others as this tea didn’t undergo fermentation. This means that its active constituents are intact.

    What’s the buzz all about?

    What’s been causing all the buzz in the weight loss community is the polyphenols. Commonly known as flavanols or catechins, these compounds are vital to every person who wishes to lose weight or tone their abs.

    The main polyphenols in green tea are epicathechin-3-gallate, epigallocatechin, epicatechin and epicagallocathechin-3-gallate (ECGG). There are several studies that showed how beneficial these compounds are in boosting our body’s fat burning ability.

    In a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it showed that green tea activated body’s thermogenic or fat-burning activity. In the study, participants ingested 690 mg of catechins for 12 weeks. The result showed that each of them has significantly reduced their total fat area, waist circumference and subcutaneous fat area, among others.

    Polyphenols inhibit an enzyme that degrades your body’s fat-burning hormone known as norepinephrine. You don’t want that enzyme when you’re trying to get ripped. With polyphenols so abundant in green tea, they can elevate your body’s norepinephrine to prolong thermogenesis. In other words, they can turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

    To make green tea more beneficial, the catechins and the caffeine in green tea further elevate your body’s use of calories as energy. Plus, the combination of these two compounds showed to significantly increase your resting metabolic rate.

    This means that green tea can skyrocket your energy expenditure within 24 hours creating your body to have a perfect environment to maximise your fat-burning ability. Now, we all know why green tea has become so popular amongst bodybuilders and those who wish to lose weight.

    Which is better: drinking green tea or taking green tea supplements?

    Undeniable Reasons to Love Polyphenols

    Before you rush into the grocery store and purchase a box of green tea, it’s good to know that green tea in nutritional supplement offers more advantages than drinking the tea. In a study, it showed that the absorption of these compounds was enhanced when they are given in green tea extract supplement form.

    That said, if you don’t like drinking a tea, you can supplement your body in its green tea extract and get all the incredible weight loss benefits of green tea.

    Combining it with other supplements

    To get the best fat-burning results of green tea and polyphenols, you can pair them with other supportive components. One of the most popular combinations is Yohimbe. This herb has a certain compound that plays an important role in burning more fats in the body.

    Polyphenols and Other Sources

    Polyphenols are not only found in green tea but you can also find them in coffee, vegetables and chocolate. A powerful polyphenol known as resveratrol is found in red grapes and blueberries. It decreases fat cell development on a high fat diet.

    Thus, if you’re having difficulty shedding some pounds, you should consider taking a resveratrol supplement to reduce inflammation. You may also choose to increase your consumption of foods high in polyphenols and resveratrol.

    But, you should always remember that weight loss requires counting calories. Taking more red grapes, chocolate or drinking more wine will not result in weight loss because of your excess calorie consumption.

    In addition to polyphenols, there are other compounds that can burn your belly fat and help you lose weight. One of them is nootkatone. It’s found in grapefruit that increases your body’s fat-burning ability. When it was studied in rats, it was shown to increase calorie burn while it reduced stomach fat accumulation. For that reason, you may want to include grapefruit in your diet.

    Another compound you must try is capsaicin. This fat-burning compound can increase your calories burned right after consuming a high-fat diet. It can also stimulate the production of AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase), which is an enzyme that utilises sugar to boost metabolism, thereby, encouraging weight loss.

    Because of capsaicin’s weight loss benefits, you may want to try adding it to your recipes. Or you can even include it to your detox drink.

    Burn Your Fats with Real Foods

    There’s no denying that real foods could help you lose weight and achieve optimal health. Thus, eating real foods is the best thing that you can do for your quest to lose weight. Fake foods should be avoided. These items are loaded with unhealthy preservatives and additives that you don’t want to put in your precious body.

    When trying to lose your belly fat, focus on eating real foods rich. They won’t only help you get rid of those unwanted visceral fats but they can also give your body the right nutrients to function properly. When you start to make the switch from eating fake foods to consuming healthy real foods, you will see the difference.

    Focus on eating foods high in fiber and stay away from sugar. To further improve your metabolism, you should consider adding cayenne pepper to your recipe. It contains capsaicin that increases heart rate and boosts metabolism.

    No matter what your age is, if you’re obese, you must make the changes now. As they say, the longest journey starts with a single step. That said, you should take the step now to help you get started.

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