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  • Tips to Fight Depression Robin Williams Should Have known

    Robin Williams is already gone but he left some lessons in life, especially to those who are depressed. Find out what you can do to fight against depression.

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    Tips to Fight Depression Robin Williams Should Have known

    Robin Williams

    When Lee asked me to write about Robin Williams’ depression, I told her that it wouldn’t be easy.

    At that time, I was still feeling depressed about my best friend’s death a month ago.

    I just didn’t think I could think clearly when I talk about someone who just died.

    I think all of us were surprised when the news about Robin Williams’ death was the headline of all leading online magazines.

    We’ll all remember his hilarious movies. But let’s not forget about his being a consummate performer.

    Despite his smile, he was struggling inside. Only a few us knew that he struggled from severe depression that resulted in his substance abuse.

    At one point in our lives, we feel depressed. It’s probably because of stress at home or some illnesses that we’re suffering from.

    But depression isn’t just about feeling unhappy. It’s actually more complicated than we think.

    Signs that you are depressed

    1. Lack of energy

    From time to time, we feel the lack of energy to do our duties. It’s common but it’s not depression.

    If fatigue lingers and it’s associated with the lack of interest or motivation, it could be an early sign of depression.

    2. Insomnia or sleeping too much

    This could also be a symptom but you need to evaluate whether or not such disturbance is the result of your feeling depressed.

    If there’s no specific trigger, then it might be a symptom.

    On the other hand, if you’re sleeping too much, you might need to see a therapist to evaluate your case.

    Other signs will include change in appetite, physical pain, memory problems and social withdrawal.

    If you think you are medically depressed, then it’s crucial that you see a therapist to discuss your condition.

    If you are feeling depressed and do not want to suffer from medical depression, then you might want to consider these tips.

    Understand what you feel

    Psychologists recommend feeling the sadness to help you understand why you’re feeling that way.

    Then, talk to a friend you can trust and tell him/her how you really feel inside.

    Based on reports, Robin Williams kept his depression to himself. It could be the reason his condition got worse.

    Try something new

    This will help in improving your mood.

    When you feel depressed, you should try exercising or eating a healthy diet.

    Don’t forget to monitor your sleeping cycle. Be sure you’re getting enough sleep.

    Seek help

    If your symptoms have gotten worse, you need to contact a therapist.

    A talk therapist can help you better understand your feelings and let you develop a coping strategy.

    By undergoing therapy, you can identify what triggers your depression and find out the things that cause the symptoms to get worse.

    Therapist can provide you some pieces of advice on how to improve your relationship with your family, friends, etc.


    Several studies showed that meditation could improve depression, anxiety and pain.

    By training yourself in mindfulness, you can expect a lot of improvements to what you’re feeling.

    However, meditation is not considered a cure-all for all levels of depression. If it were, then many depression sufferers, including Robin Williams, have been healed and wouldn’t have to think about committing suicide.

    Wrapping Up

    Robin Williams was defeated by his depression.

    But that doesn’t have to be your case. There are plenty of things that you can do to fight it.

    If you’re feeling depressed, you must talk to someone. It doesn’t have to be a therapist. Rather, it could be a friend or your sibling.


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