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  • Tips for Dancing with the Stars Fans: 6-Week Weight Loss Goal

    Are you a fan of Dancing with the Stars? Find out what you can learn from it to help you with your 6-week weight loss goal.

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    Dancing with the Stars - Being Healthy

    Dancing with the Stars – Being Healthy

    Don’t just watch Dancing with the Stars. Rather, learn from its cast on how to be healthy and achieve ideal weight through a 6-week weight loss journey.

    If you’re fond of watching this reality TV show, then you know that most of their guest stars and professional dancers are fit. In the case of Kristie Alley, she did try to tweak her lifestyle and lose weight just so she could be easily carried by her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

    Dancing with the Stars - 6 Week Weight Loss

    Dancing with the Stars – 6 Week Weight Loss

    All guests have somehow managed to change their workout routine just to make it easier for them to handle all complicated dance moves. Some of them have even pledged to not eat cupcakes within the season.

    You, too, can change your lifestyle by swapping 2 nutritious switch-ups in your routine, instead of swapping everything.

    In addition to swapping, you can also achieve your 6-week weight loss goal by avoiding or reducing your frequency of eating out at your favorite restaurants. You may go there once a week and order healthier items, like chicken salad. What you can gain here is a 20-pound weight loss within 30 days.

    This was also the strategy used by some of the Dancing with the Stars guests. They avoided going to their favorite restaurants to help them stay fit during their rigid performances on TV.

    Avoid salty food

    We, at Vim Chi, aren’t saying that all guests of this popular TV show have skipped going the salty aisle while grocery shopping. But Cheryl Burke said that she has avoided eating salty food to help her get fit for her performances on TV.

    You, too, can do the same. When you shop, make sure that you avoid the aisle where bags of chips can be found. You must also stay away from going to the aisle where you can pick candy bars.

    Or, you can just stop buying snacks from your favorite grocery store. The inconvenience it brings will make you ignore your cravings and help you with your 6-week weight loss goal.

    Eat breakfast

    Peanut Butter - Being Healthy

    Peanut Butter – Being Healthy

    It didn’t say that those guests and professional dancers eat their breakfast but I think they do. Based on the reports about them, they don’t skip their breakfast so they’ll have the energy to perform those rigorous dance moves.

    Eating breakfast is highly recommended to reach your 6-week weight loss goal. Don’t go out without eating. If you’re afraid that you’ll gain weight because of this morning meal, you could try having a 300-calorie breakfast. Make sure that it consists of healthy protein and grains.

    A great example of it is a sandwich with peanut butter. You may also use apple butter if you want. Throughout the day, you won’t be feeling hungry. By not skipping breakfast and eating a 300-calorie morning meal, you’ll expect to lose up to 65 pounds in one year.

    But, of course, you also need to move more and exercise.

    Being healthy and slim involves a lot of physical activities and eating healthy foods, just like what the dancers of Dancing with the Stars do – they dance and rehearse throughout the day.

    Get fit during commercials

    During commercials, you can fit in a few exercise moves, such as crunches and jumping jacks. You can also do your dishes while waiting for your favorite TV show to come back.

    While getting fit during commercials, you’re burning extra calories and preventing yourself from mindlessly eating in front your television. If you do this frequently, your clothes will surely fit you better. You may not even need to purchase plus-size clothing as you’ll have toned body in no time.

    Quit smoking

    Quit Smoking to Be Healthy

    Quit Smoking to Be Healthy

    That is, if you really wanted to achieve your 6-week weight loss goal. I’m not sure if those pros on Dancing with the Stars smoke. Since they’re performing extreme workouts, I bet they don’t.

    Being healthy requires you to kick the habit and start working out. You won’t feel healthy if you keep on lighting up.

    If you start to quit smoking today, you’ll be able to lose 37 pounds of weight in 3 months. That is, if you also start eating healthy and performing exercises.

    Clean out your pantry

    Pretty sure, it’s filled with junk foods? Nutella? Doritos? Snickers? You have them, don’t you?

    If you really want to be healthy again and start losing weight, you need to clean out your pantry. Then, replace those foods with healthy items, so you won’t be tempted to overindulge. You’ll have better choices when it comes to food.

    As a result of cleaning your pantry, you’ll be slimmer within a matter of 2 weeks.

    Change your night out activities

    If you’re fond of grabbing dinner and eating fried foods after work hours, then it’s time for you to change that routine.

    Instead of going to your favorite restaurant or a bar, why not invite your colleagues to walk and run around after office hours.

    If you could do this, you’ll be down 40 pounds lighter within a year. Yes, a simple change in your night out activity can surely help you with your 6-week weight loss plan.

    So, why not try healthy up your after work hours? You’ll be thanking Vim Chi for advising you that.


    Dancing with the Stars on Being Healthy

    Dancing with the Stars on Being Healthy

    Now that you’ve seen celebrities dancing on Dancing with the Stars, it’s time for you to move and start dancing. So, get off the cough, dance and be healthy. Bear in mind that dancing is a great way to maintain a healthy body and mind.

    Research also showed that dancing can help with your 6-week weight loss plan and stay flexible.

    Benefits of dancing

    Boosts memory

    Improve function - Dancing with the Stars

    Improve function – Dancing with the Stars

    When dancing, you need to memorize the right steps and moves. I’m not saying that those guests and pros on Dancing with the Stars have better memory than you have but by dancing alone can boost memory, thereby, preventing dementia as you get older.

    This is especially true if you dance outdoors. Aerobic physical activities are said to help with reversing volume loss in your hippocampus. This is a part of your brain controlling your memory. It’s also a part where it shrinks when you reach adulthood. Shrinking can lead to an impaired memory loss causing dementia.

    Enhances flexibility

    You don’t need to be a ballet dancer to reap the benefits of dancing. Simple stretches and some dance moves are enough to increase your flexibility.

    Enhancing flexibility is great if you have joint pains or if you’re suffering from soreness caused by exercising extremely. But make sure that your dance moves aren’t too complicated. Bear in mind that Maksim won’t be there to catch you when you fall.

    Reduces stress

    Stress can cause a lot of illnesses. So, if you’re feeling stressed out because of your boss’s nagging habit, why not try and grab a partner. Remember those moves on Dancing with the Stars? Turn up the music and perform those moves.

    According to several studies, partner dance won’t only help with your 6-week weight loss plan but it can also be used as your stress reliever. So, go ahead and do the dirty dancing. Just don’t let your boss catch you.

    Lifts your spirit

    When was the last time you have danced? Weeks ago? Years ago? Well, it’s now time for you to boogie again if you’re feeling down and depressed.

    In several studies, researchers explained that participants who danced in an upbeat group dance showed little to no depression symptoms. Plus, they had the most vitality.

    Are you feeling blue? Why not leave your homework or paperwork and go out dancing? Show them what you have learned from Dancing with the Stars.

    Dancing with a friend for several weeks can surely help you achieve your 6-week weight loss goal.

    Prevents heart disease

    Being Healthy with Healthy Heart

    Being Healthy with Healthy Heart

    Even if you already have a heart condition, you can still improve your heart’s healthy by dancing and waltzing. Not only that. It also enhances your breathing capacity, thereby, improving your quality of life.

    In an Italian study, it was documented that those who dance regularly have shown to have better quality of life than those who prefer biking through an indoor bike or walking on a treadmill.

    Improves balance

    As you get older, your ability to balance will soon fade. But don’t worry. You can alleviate that by taking up some dance lessons from Dancing with the Stars.

    Tango dancing, for instance, can enhance your balance, especially in aging adults. Bear in mind that this type of physical activity needs fast movement and it must be paired with a good posture.

    With that being said, you can stabilize your body and have better control of it when you opt to dance more frequently.

    Offers better energy levels

    Have you seen those dancers on Dancing with the Stars? They’re not just flexible but they’re also filled with lots of energy.

    And remember, with better energy, you’ll have great opportunity to complete your 6-week weight loss goal.

    So, try finding a weekly dance program lesson and start improving your physical performance. As a result of an increased energy level, you can play along with your children or grandkids.

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