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  • The Health Benefits of Walnuts for Diabetes

    Are there health benefits of walnuts for diabetes? How about their calories? Will they cause weight gain?

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    The Health Benefits of Walnuts for Diabetes

    Here’s another reason for you to eat walnuts. A study showed that there are health benefits of walnuts for diabetes.

    Even just a small amount of walnuts could already provide impressive effects to your health, especially if you’re at risk of suffering from diabetes.

    Although walnuts are high in calorie content, the benefits far outweigh the negative effects of the nuts’ high-calorie content.

    The participants in a study have seen a great improvement in their bad cholesterol levels (LDL). 1

    The researchers also saw an improvement in the participants’ blood vessel function. However, the nuts didn’t have a significant impact on the participants’ blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

    However, researchers said that poor functioning of blood vessels and having high levels of LDL are usually associated with diabetes.

    This means that eating a handful of walnuts each day could eliminate these two factors that could have led to this life-threatening condition.

    What are walnuts made of?

    They’re made of various nutrients and one of them is the omega-3 fatty acid. They’re also high in vitamin E, calcium, zinc, and iron. All of them are beneficial to your overall health.

    The high-calorie content is one of the reasons many are still reluctant to eat walnuts. Even if they know the health benefits of walnuts for diabetes, they don’t like the fact that this nut contains 619 calories per 100 grams.

    That said, will they encourage weight gain? Will their potential to cause extra weight to patients eliminate their benefits?

    According to the said study, they found that the participants did not experience any weight gain. In fact, they did just fine despite the extra calories coming from walnuts.

    Then again, their body fat did increase compared to those who have eliminated calorie sources.

    Because of the health benefits of walnuts for diabetes, it’s worth it to remove a significant source of calories. Replace them with nutrient-rich nuts, like walnuts.

    In addition to eating walnuts, what other natural ways you can do to prevent diabetes?

    Reduce your high-sugar food intake

    It’s true that your body needs carbohydrates for energy. However, not all carbs are good for your body.

    The best carbohydrates to prevent diabetes are complex carbohydrates. They’re low in glycemic load, thereby, maintaining a stable level in the blood.

    With a low-glycemic load, it can have a great impact on diabetes prevention.

    Eat the right fats

    Some forms of saturated fats can promote inflammation that may result in insulin resistance.

    Oleic acid, on the other hand, has an anti-inflammatory action that may reduce your risk of insulin resistant. That said, the key element to preventing diabetes is to use olive oil as your main source of fat and combine it with omega-3 fatty acids intake.

    Get moving

    It’s also important that you exercise regularly. Remember that muscles are the main organs that absorb glucose. With that in mind, regular physical exercise can improve your sensitivity to insulin while ensuring your body with stable blood glucose levels.


    Even though walnuts are high in calories, you still can’t take the fact that they are useful in preventing diabetes. Walnuts may be high in calories. But they’re very satiating allowing you to control your appetite.

    So, eat a handful of walnuts per day.


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