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  • Tequila May Help You Lose Weight – Study Showed

    Tequila is scientifically proven to aid in weight loss. You may not believe it but it might help. Isn’t this a marvelous news for you tequila lovers?

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    Tequila is scientifically proven to aid in weight loss. You may not believe it but it might help. Isn’t this a marvelous news for you tequila lovers?

    Tequila May Help You Lose Weight – Study Showed

    In a 2014 study conducted by the American Chemical Society, the researchers found that the sweetener used in making a tequila could actually lower blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Apart from lowering glucose, it also showed to aid in weight loss for obese individuals.


    The main component that aids in weight loss is agavins. It is a natural sugar found in agave plant. It is non-digestible so it can be used as a dietary fiber. In that case, it would not increase your blood glucose.

    Compared with the agave syrup, the agavins is not dangerous as it is not high in fructose.

    But this does not mean that you drink tequila every meal to lose weight. Instead, you may use the agavins as a viable light sweetener replacement to your sugar or milk. They are sugars. However, they are highly soluble. They are also low in GI with a neutral taste. And most of all they aren’t metabolized by the body.

    What is great about agavins is that they are not expensive. They also don’t have side effects.

    Mice Consuming Agavins

    To prove its effectiveness in losing weight, scientists added it to the standard diet of mice. The mice that consumed agavins turned out to eat less and had low sugar levels. Its effects were quite stronger compared to other artificial sweeteners.

    With this study, it puts this natural sweetener in a position that may be useful for patients with diabetes and suffering from obesity. As a light sweetener, agavins may have a potential to provide several health benefits, in addition to those mentioned above.

    What Drinks to Avoid?

    Now that tequila has been proven to aid in weight loss, you may eliminate them from your list of alcoholic drinks that are making you gain weight.

    During this weekend, when meeting with your friends and have drinks, you should avoid these alcoholic drinks. They are detrimental to your weight loss goal. Apart from the fact that they are high in calories, they can make your belly bulge.

    Regular Beer

    It is fattening. Instead, opt for light beer. It contains fewer carbs. A 350-ml bottle of light beer only contains up to 140 calories. A regular beer, on the other hand, has more than 153 calories.

    Sweet Wine

    Typical sweet wine contains more than 150 calories.

    We have covered about how wine can help in weight loss. But the wine we were talking of was the dry or red wine. Red wine is low in calories and may offer heart health benefits. A 150-ml red wine only contains 125 calories or less.

    Sweet wine has additional sugar. This results in making you even hungrier. Your blood spikes causing you crave for more sugary foods or drinks.

    If you really want to drink sweet wine, stick to just drinking one or two glasses. No more.

    Piña Colada

    It is sweet, tasty, mouth-watering and all. But if you are trying to lose weight, avoid it as much as possible. It contains more than 300 calories if you are drinking a 150-ml of it. Not only that. It is also loaded with sugars.

    This frothy drink is just perfect for your poolside chilling with your friends. But it is not great for weight loss. However, if you’re on break, it’s worth the splurge. Just don’t forget to exercise the following day and reduce your calorie intake for one week. That is, if you’re still planning to get rid of your extra weight.


    A glass of this fruity alcoholic drink contains 500 calories. But you can lighten this up by mixing salt, tequila, super-refined sugar, Mexican lemons and ice. Frozen margaritas at your favorite restaurant are high in calories so opt for a homemade margarita with these ingredients.

    Or you can mix premium tequila, limes and orange liquor to get a lighter margarita that will not pack more calories in your belly.

    Long Island Iced Tea

    This, too, is a no-no when you are out for a drink with your friends. It is your enemy when it comes to weight loss. It is made of rum, vodka and gin, and tequila. A glass of this drink contains up to 700 calories.

    To lower its calorie content, try the unsweetened iced tea. Then, add vodka, a small amount of lime or lemon juice.

    When Drinking

    If you and your friends are planning to have a night out in a bar to have some drinks, experts recommend eating when you’re drinking. Avoid skimping on food.

    Alcoholic drinks can make your blood sugar soar. As a result, it causes you to crash leaving you ravenous and craving for more food.

    Protein Bar for Weight Loss

    Before you go out, eat or have dinner. Better yet, bring a protein bar in your bag and eat it while drinking. This type of food can stabilize your sugar levels but it does not slow down your metabolism.

    It is also recommended by experts to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink that you have.

    When you’re done drinking with your friends and heading home, drink another glass of water before going to bed. And don’t forget to snack and eat food high in fiber and protein.

    While you consume alcohol, some important nutrients in your body are lost. By eating such food, you’re putting back those nutrients. Plus, fiber-rich food will stay in your stomach for longer period of time. So you’re less likely to be hungry in the morning.

    Serious About Shedding Some Pounds

    Alcoholic drinks are not only detrimental to the success of your weight loss journey but they may also cause some diseases.

    If you’re serious about burning extra fats from your body, it’s best to simply forget about alcohol, until you’re already in the maintenance mode. However, if you can’t avoid it, choose red wine and the alternatives we’ve presented.

    Opt for clear alcohol. That is, without the added sugars.

    Tequila and Weight Loss

    As for tequila, it may help in weight loss. But don’t overconsume it. It’s still alcohol. Long-term drinking can cause permanent brain damage and mental health problems.

    Drink in moderation.

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    • Lou Caruso February 4, 2016 at 12:30 am

      After consulting an expert, who makes tequila, people need to understand that ONLY un-distilled agavins from the agave (plant used to make tequila) are effective in helping to lower blood sugar and can lower triglycerides in the blood and levels of cholesterol. Agavins (sugar substance in agave) are ONLY effective when raw or cooked but NOT DISTILLED. In the process of making tequila, the sugars (agavins) are converted to alcohol, so…. NO MORE AGAVINS. So in the act of making tequila, we lose the agavins (everyone seems to leave that part out). Yes I believe tequila is the best, and definitely the healthier choice in spirits (low sugar content/no carbs) and I myself, absolutely LOVE Tequila, and believe it “may” help to reduce weight, BUT DON’T BELIEVE everything you read. Actually if you want to Learn All about Quality Tequila and SEE GREAT HONEST TEQUILA REVIEWS CHECK OUT and ‘like’ Long Island Lou Tequila on facebook- (copy/paste if necessary) and Visit the ALL NEW WEBSITE- and SEE the LEARN Tab for More info on Agavins.


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