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  • Tea – 4 Different Teas To Lose Weight

    Sadly, not all teas are useful in weight loss. But this post will reveal the 4 most effective teas that you can try.

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    Green tea has been viewed by many as the most useful tea in boosting metabolism and aiding in the battle of the bulge. But could it really help you get rid of those excess pounds?

    Drinking Tea To Lose Weight

    Forget those lazy diet programs and workout fads. Some dietitians believed that by drinking tea each day could be the easiest way to lose weight. It sounds like it is a perfect solution for the bulging population as the nation has already established a healthy relationship with this drink. Billions of people around the world are huge fans of this drink.

    But there’s one thing that keeps us wondering. If tea can help us lose weight, why are we still dealing with obesity?

    Unfortunately, not all teas could be your perfect partner in losing weight. There are only a few of them that can offer significant results.


    Yes, it’s the most popular tea in the world that aims to help you lose weight. The chemical EGCG is the main component of this drink that can speed up your metabolism to further help you in losing those extra pounds. According to several studies, it could burn 70 calories a day.


    It’s a semi-fermented tea that offers stronger effects than its green counterpart. But, just like green tea, this, too, can promote fat burning allowing you to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. To lose weight with it, you’ll need to drink at least two cups a day. For full-bodied cup, you must steep oolong tea up to five minutes.


    You may combine it with green tea to further boost your digestion and metabolism, thereby, improving your body’s ability to burn more calories. What’s great about it is that you can make a refreshing tea, whether it’s hot or chilled. Preparing it is easy. Just add dried leaves to boiling water. Let it steep up to five minutes. You may add honey if you want.


    It’s from the fruit of small evergreen tree originated in China. According to herbalists, this product is useful in treating digestive problems, like diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Steep a whole pod in a cup of hot water. Strain it and serve. You may sweeten if you like.

    But you mustn’t only concentrate on drinking tea to help you with weight loss. You also have to pair it with proper diet and regular exercise.


    Sadly, there’s limited scientific evidence to confirm about tea’s role in shifting those pounds. But there are people who could prove that this drink is indeed useful in getting rid of extra pounds.

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