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  • A South American Plant May be the Answer for Your Weight Loss Problem

    What is this South American plant that may help you lose weight? Has it been researched?

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    Yerba mate is a South American plant that contains caffeine. This Amazonian plant creates a stimulating beverage. Its extract is derived from its dried leaves. It is cultivated in Brazil, Paraguay and the northern part of Argentina.

    This plant has been consumed for centuries. It is taken either as a traditional tonic or a caffeinated beverage. Beverages infused with this plant can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Some people utilize it as a natural remedy for fatigue. It can also suppress appetite, boost metabolism and stimulate body and mind.

    In a Korean study, researchers found that yerba mate could help obese people in losing weight. The study concluded that the extract of this plan helped Korean participants with a BMI of more than 35. Researchers of the study followed the highest standard of medical research.

    The participants took a capsule containing yerba mate extract three times a day. The amount is equivalent to one gram of this extract daily.

    On the other hand, the placebo group took capsules without such plant but useless material.

    After 12 weeks, the participants experienced a reduction in their BMIs. These individuals did not even modify their lifestyle or diet throughout the study.

    A South American Plant May be the Answer for Your Weight Loss ProblemThe researchers supported previous trials that also concluded about yerba mate’s weight loss benefits.

    If consumed in tea form, yerba mate could reduce obesity, according to the study.

    The plant can detoxify your body and produce diuretic effects.

    To gain the benefits of this plant, you should consider drinking up to three cups of yerba mate.

    What is in yerba mate that may help in losing weight?

    The leaves of the plant contain 56 percent caffeine to promote thermogenesis, which is a process of burning calories. The most significant component of this plant that helps in losing weight is the theobromine.

    Theobromine is a stimulant, but it is quite weaker than caffeine. Apart from it being a diuretic, theobromine can suppress appetite.

    Another component of yerba mate that may be responsible for the plant’s weight loss benefits is the chlorogenic acid. This compound is known for its ability to prevent fat gain while it controls sugar love and burn more fat calories. It also contains anti-oxidant properties.

    Because of the plant’s appetite suppressing properties, it can help reduce your weight and keep it off. As it increases diuresis, it can improve your odds of losing weight.

    Fortunately, it is easy to find yerba mate tea. Plus, you can drink it in different flavors. You can purchase it from any natural foods stores near you.

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