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  • Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Weight Gain – Study Shows

    Are you getting enough sleep? You should. A study shows that sleep deprivation can increase waistline and BMI.

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    Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Weight Gain - Study ShowsA study reveals that we need more sleep to avoid gaining weight. Our brain relies on having enough sleep. Thus, depriving yourself of sleep can take a toll on your health.

    In a new study, researchers found that insufficient sleep correlates with higher BMI and a bigger waistline. People who had an average of six hours of sleep a night had waistlines of three centimeters larger than those who are sleeping at least nine hours a night.

    Furthermore, the study revealed that those short sleeper had higher BMI and low HDL or good cholesterol.

    The researchers of the said study took blood samples from the participants. They also recorded their weight and blood pressure, as well as waist circumference.

    The study includes three categories for sleep times: 6 hours, 7.5 hours and 9 hours. The six-hour group found to have the worse outcomes than those people in the other groups.

    They found that those adults who sleep less than their peers were likely to be obese. Thus, researchers highlighted the significance of getting enough sleep.

    The number of sleeping hours would differ from one person to another. However, the study showed that having seven to nine hours of sleep is best for adults.

    But the study didn’t uncover a link between getting insufficient sleep and eating a bad diet.

    The study has some caveats to consider. First, it relied on self-reporting regarding sleeping hours. The hours are average ranges and not specific amounts.

    The participants self-reported their diet.

    Plus, the study didn’t monitor the results over time, which could provide us with a complete picture of how sleeping can affect our weight.

    Nevertheless, the study showed that having enough sleep can positively affect our health and weight.

    When you compare this study to a previous research, it showed that there’s a link between sleep and obesity. The arrow is pointing to insufficient sleep equals gaining extra pounds.

    Sleep deprivation impedes our ability to control our food choices. As a result, we pack on weight over time.

    Then the lack of sleep every night can disrupt our hormone that regulates our appetite. Thus, we tend to have night time cravings, and we always feel hungry, resulting in weight gain.

    Although the study isn’t conclusive, it does provide a positive message. Sleep is a huge factor in our quest to lose weight. It’s like adjusting our diets. We also need to change our sleep hours and patterns.



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