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  • Simple Heart Disease Prevention: Own A Dog And Prevent Dying Of A Broken Heart

    What the Swedish study revealed about owning a dog in relation to heart disease prevention? Can it also protect your heart from dying of a broken heart?

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    simple heart disease prevention davaoA dog is a man’s best friend. We all know that. But our medical news today from a Swedish study will give this saying a new meaning for men and women. That is, owning a dog can be a simple heart disease prevention and a way to stop dying of a broken heart.

    In a study, the researchers found that dog ownership could help you live longer.

    How owning a dog in Davao can be a simple heart disease prevention?

    The study involves tracking more than 3 million Swedish adults. These adults had no history of heart disease. The study concluded that having a dog could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is also associated with lower risk of “all-cause mortality.”

    In a single-person household, dog ownership provides a lot of benefits. The presence of a pet could lower the risk of death and heart attack. But the study is linked to ownership of breeds that are bred for hunting. These dogs would include terriers and retrievers. Ownership of these breeds is said to have the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease.

    The senior author of the study said that there are possible reasons for the result. For one, dog owners will have a high level of physical activity than those who don’t own a dog or pet. Having a pet has social effects that owners could benefit from.

    This study is based on previous results stating that dog ownership is associated with a decrease in CVD risk.

    Will it also help prevent dying of a broken heart?

    The study didn’t tackle the issue of dying of a broken heart. However, pets could help mend a broken heart as owners could focus their attention on their dogs or pets, thereby, forgetting about the person who hurt them.

    If you have a broken heart, you might develop a condition that could lead to a severe heart disease, which is similar to having a heart attack.

    The broken heart syndrome or takosubo syndrome could exacerbate a weak heart. This syndrome involves weakening of the muscular portion of the heart that triggers emotional stress after being rejected by someone you love.

    In a study from the University of Aberdeen, researchers followed 37 patients with this syndrome for two years. The patients underwent MRI scans and physical exercise tests. The researchers discovered that these patients carried symptoms of a heart failure, which is similar to patients who are suffering from a heart attack.

    But doctors stated that patients with this syndrome could be treated. Furthermore, they could recover fully by following doctor’s recommendations.

    Despite the treatable nature of broken heart syndrome, the study only showed that there are long-term effects of being brokenhearted. Thus, doctors should treat these patients in the same way they treat patients with a risk of heart attack. For that reason, patients should have ongoing treatment to prevent long-term effects.

    Contrary to what other people believe, the broken heart syndrome is more common today than scientists initially thought.

    Apart from owning a dog, what are the simple ways to prevent heart disease or dying of a broken heart?

    Following a heart-healthy lifestyle is a simple way to prevent heart disease. It may also strengthen your heart to avoid the adverse effects of a brokenhearted syndrome.

    In general, heart disease is one of the causes of death. But you can avoid it in the future as you start to form a healthy lifestyle.

    Do not smoke

    Smoking is one of the significant causes of heart disease. The chemicals in tobacco are known to damage the heart and blood vessels. Because of the plaque buildup, it could narrow your arteries. Unfortunately, atherosclerosis or plaque buildup could cause a heart attack.

    There’s no such a thing as a safe smoking amount. But the more you smoke, the higher your risk is in developing heart disease. Unfortunately, second-hand smoke will also increase your risk.

    Exercise every day

    Daily exercise could lower your risk of heart disease. If you have a dog or a cat, you have a reason to walk 30 minutes a day. Make sure to combine it with a healthy diet to get an even more significant payoff.

    Having regular physical activity could control your weight and reduce your chances of suffering from life-threatening medical conditions, like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

    Although exercising for 150 minutes a week is a recommended amount to achieve a healthy heart, a short amount of exercise can still offer many heart benefits.

    Gardening, housekeeping and walking the dog are still considered as activities that can provide benefits to your heart.

    Consume a healthy diet

    A healthy diet can reduce your risk of developing a heart disease. One of the most recommended heart-healthy food plans is the Mediterranean diet.

    Also, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods that are high in fat. Opt for lean meats and fish. If you can’t prepare a complete breakfast or dinner, you may wish to drink a protein shake.

    Do not drink alcohol

    If you can’t avoid it, at least drink it in moderation. For a healthy adult, one drink a day for women of all ages is recommended. For men, up to two drinks a day. Although alcohol could protect your heart, too much of it could be a health hazard.

    What do you think of owning a dog as a way to prevent heart disease? Would you adopt a pet now? Why and why not?

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