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  • Sharks: Stop Killing Them as They Don’t Cure Cancer

    Can shark get cancer? Can shark oil cure your cancer? This post will give you all the answers that you need about shark and its nutrition facts.

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    Can sharks get cancer?



    My nephew, Borgy, was watching Discovery Channel when he asked me about sharks. “Can sharks get cancer?”

    It has been known for 150 years that sharks don’t get cancer.

    But according to the latest study, a cancerous tumor appeared on the jaw of a white shark found in South Australia.

    Despite that news, many people still believe that they, sharks, don’t suffer from malignant tumors.

    May help cure cancer

    Those who are selling shark cartilage promote the fact that the substance found in this animal will help in curing cancer of any type. This is one of the reasons the population of shark has reduced significantly over the years.

    Unfortunately, scientists couldn’t find some evidence that the shark cartilage can indeed be used as an effective form of cancer treatment.

    Cancer in sharks

    In Australia, researchers found a large tumor growing on the mouth of a great white shark. They also found another mass protruding on the head of a bronze whaler shark. For these researchers, those tumors are an unusual sight.

    This discovery will add up to the growing evidence that sharks do get cancer and suffer from anomalies. In total, there are 23 species of sharks that have been documented to have tumors in their bodies.

    That said, eating shark products won’t help in curing any types of cancer.

    What may have caused the cancer in sharks?

    Scientists couldn’t find some answers as to why those sharks developed cancer. However, those cancerous tumors from marine animals could be the result of industrial pollutants.

    Take Beluga whales, for instance. It’s been recorded that some of them suffer from cancer, especially those that are found in aluminum smelting plants.

    In fact, scientists noted that cancer is the number 2 killer of whales.

    Shark nutrition facts

    An ounce of shark meat will give you 36 calories, 1 gram of fat, 14 mg of cholesterol, and 22 mg of sodium. It also contains 6 grams of protein making it one of the best sources of this nutrient.

    What is shark oil good for?

    Will it cure cancer?

    You may ask.

    But the answer is a big NO.

    This is because cancer isn’t just a single disease. There might be a cure for, say leukemia. But there’s no such thing as a universal cure for cancer.

    Not even shark oil.

    Benefits of shark oil

    It’s being promoted that shark oil can boost immune system, treat cancer and reduce the side effects associated with cancer treatments.

    However, there’s no solid, compelling scientific evidence that can prove those claims.

    Although shark oil contains high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, many doctors and scientists don’t recommend it.

    One of the reasons is the source.

    Bear in mind that the populations of shark are dwindling.

    Millions of sharks are killed every year. Because of that, 1/3 of shark species are feared to go extinct if humans continue to kill them for shark fin soup or extract shark oil.

    Thus, if we take shark oil supplement or eat shark fin, we’re also considered as a shark killer as we patronize products that come from sharks.

    To help stop killing of sharks, let’s stop using products extracted from them. It may not help the killing but it’s a good start. Here are some of the equally good alternatives to shark oil supplements. To enhance your immune system, take this supplement, instead of shark products.


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