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  • See How Easily You Can Have Healthy Skin With Cold Shower

    Are there benefits of taking a cold shower to your skin? Or should you opt for a hot shower?

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    See How Easily You Can Have Healthy Skin With Cold Shower

    We take a shower at least twice a day, and there are several reasons why we do. Most of us dread showering with cold water, but you will be surprised by what you could be missing all this while. You take a shower to clean yourself and maintain good hygiene and sometimes you need a shower to relax. However, taking a cold shower may be of great benefit to your skin and hair as well as various benefits to your general health.

    How a cold shower is beneficial to your skin and hair.

    It closes pores on your skin

    A cold shower seals the pores on your skin so that it prevents clogging by dirt and bacteria that could eventually cause acne formation. You want to avoid a hot shower since it opens up your body pores leaving them exposed to dirt and bacteria which may accumulate in them and consequently cause acne.

    Protects skin’s natural oils

    Cold water will not wash away your natural oil since as the pores close tightly the enclose the oils in them keeping your skin from drying. Using hot water allows your natural oils to be washed off leaving your skin dry. This may cause itching and expose you to other skin conditions such as eczema. If your skin keeps dry over an extended period of time, it may lead to wrinkle formation making you look older than your age. There is no better way for your skin to look healthier and younger than using cold water for showering.

    A cold shower reduces swelling

    Showering with cold water causes constriction of your blood vessels reducing puffiness on the circles around your eyes. A hot shower makes your blood vessels to relax causing the circles around your eyes look puffed up.

    Protects sebum

    This is the oil that naturally protects your skin and hair. When you use a cold shower, this oil is not washed off, but this strengthens your hair eliminating hair loss.

    Closes hair cuticles

    Showering using cold water makes your hair cuticles to lie flat and remain closed. This makes them reflect more light is making your hair appear shinier and healthier. Keeping your hair from being dry helps alleviate dandruff formation.

    Ease stress

    Stress normally has a negative effect on your skin make your skin look dull and older. A cold shower help increase production of glutathione which helps your body reduce general stress. The study has shown that uric acid levels drop when exposed to cold temperatures. Uric acid levels increase in certain diseases like gout and a cold shower could play a part in alleviating these diseases or at least lower their effectiveness.

    Other health benefits of showering in cold water include;

    Improves your immunity

    A study has shown that if you take cold showers regularly, it helps increase the production of white blood cells which are responsible for fighting infections.

    Improves blood circulation

    A cold shower enhances blood flow in your body allowing blood to surround your organs, and this helps in eliminating some skin and health problems. Cold water also encourages the arteries to pump more blood efficiently thus improving heart health. Cold water may also play a part in lowering your blood pressure, help in unblocking your arteries and also boost your immunity.

    Enhances weight loss

    Your body has two types of fats. White fat is the bad fat that builds up when you take more calories than your body requires. Brown fat is the good fat that is responsible for keeping your body warm. Extreme cold triggers brown fat activity allowing it burn more calories which lead to weight loss.

    Helps sore muscles recover faster

    Take a cold shower after a vigorous exercise such as running, cycling or after gym. It will help soothe your sore body and also help eliminate lactic acid that may have build up.

    Relieves depression

    A cold shower causes increased impact on your skin cold receptors. This sends many electrical impulses from the brain thus alleviating symptoms that accompany depression.

    Cold showers build strong will power

    Naturally, you resist a cold shower, and you must be brave enough to go against your will. Doing this over a period of time enhances mental strength and encourages discipline as it eventually becomes routine.

    Improves emotional resilience

    Cold showers increase your nervous system resilience to stress as they act as a type of oxidative stress on your nerves. It initially seems impossible to have a cold shower but as continue your body adapts to the oxidative stress. This can be interpreted as body hardening, and it can also be seen by your body tolerating even diseases.

    Cold showers increase alertness and energy levels

    It’s difficult to even breathe when you are starting to take a cold shower. This makes you take a deep breath, and as you do this, often it improves oxygen intake which increases your heart rate thus improving energy levels for the whole day.

    They increase testosterone

    Testes are created to stay in cool temperatures, and this explains why they hang outside the body. You want to keep testes in good health to ensure they produce enough testosterone which is the hormone responsible for male features. You will attain this if you make it routine to have a cold shower.

    Cold showers boost fertility

    A cold shower will increase your sperm count and also ensure healthy sperms improving your fertility. Hot showers may cause infertility in men and are even considered a type of contraceptive.

    Cold showers enhance drainage in the lymphatic system

    Your lymphatic system helps remove waste from your cells, and this improves the defense mechanism ability to fight infections. If your lymph vessels are blocked, you should alternate cold water and hot water to shower. The cold water constricts while the hot water relaxes the lymph vessels and this unblocks them allowing the stagnated lymphatic fluid to flow making your immune system stronger and healthier.

    Cold showers wake you up

    If you are from the bed and you are still feeling sleepy, a cold shower will go a long way in keeping sleep at bay. As soon as you take a cold shower, you will be up to the task no matter what the time is.

    Cold showers will help you sleep

    When you take a cold shower, you feel warm and relaxed making you want to get the much-needed sleep.

    In conclusion, though we might all want to stay in our comfort zone and continue taking hot showers, the benefits that come with taking a cold shower are worth the sacrifice. Why don’t you join me in this wonderful adventure?

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