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  • Running for Weight Loss Program – 6 Things to Remember

    How can you maximize the benefits of running for weight loss program? Here are some tips that’ll make sure you run and lose weight.

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    Running for Weight Loss Program – 6 Things to Remember

    Running for weight loss program is great for your weight loss journey. Although it won’t help you lose weight faster, it can help in shedding some pounds.

    Did you remember that weight loss program that involved a lot of running? Didn’t you? Okay, I’ll refresh your memory.

    There was this one guy who called a company to try out its five-pound weight loss program in five days.

    The following day, a topless woman who was wearing nothing but a pair of running shoes in his home showed up his front door.

    That woman is the rep of the weight loss company. And she was wearing a sign around her neck saying, “If you could outrun me, you would have me.”

    The man immediately chased her. But a few miles of running, he gave up. He didn’t catch the girl.

    The next day, that girl was there again. For the next four days, it was the same thing. There was running and chasing. But he always failed to catch her.

    On the fifth day, he weighed himself and he was surprised to know that he indeed lost five pounds of weight as promised by the weight loss company.

    Because of the result, he ordered a seven-day 25-pound weight loss program.

    According to the company, this seven-day program is its rigorous one.

    So, the next day, there was a knock at his door.

    When he opened it, he was surprised to see, not a babe, but a guy wearing nothing but a pair of pink running shoes.

    He also wore a sign around his neck. But this time it read, “If I could catch you, you’d be mine.”

    Can you guess what happened? Well, he lost more than 25 pounds of weight within seven days.

    Amazing, isn’t it?

    Of course, it was just a joke. But this is a great example of how running for weight loss program is effective.

    However, before you even think of running a few miles each day to slim down, there are some things to keep in mind, especially if you’re a new runner.

    Learn to Adapt – Running for Weight Loss

    Your tendons, ligaments, and bones are slow to adapt. That said, you’ll feel the pain after running for the first time. Continue running to allow your body to adapt.

    Once your body adapts, you can run two miles faster and easier, without feeling the pain.

    Be consistent

    You must commit to running regularly, not just for the next few days or weeks. Running for weight loss offers a lot of benefits. Apart from shedding some pounds, it can also improve your energy during the day.

    But this is only true if you’ve become a true runner.

    Give running a variety

    Don’t just stick to 30 minutes a day for one mile. Our bodies are amazing machines designed for efficiency. If you do the same thing, again and again, it can easily adapt.

    If your running workout feels more effortless, you’ll no longer burn calories as your metabolism has already adjusted. It no longer needs to work as hard as you want it to be to burn off those extra fats.

    Go faster and longer

    To give your running for weight loss program a variety, you should improve the intensity of your workout. Push yourself for, say one mile within a few minutes. Then, the next week, run for two miles with a shorter period of time.

    Try other forms of cardio

    Running is a great form of exercise. But, before you lose weight more, you need to try other types of cardio workouts. To gain more muscles and burn more fats, try cycling, too.

    Avoid running too much

    After a few weeks of running, you may have discovered that you’re no longer losing weight. One of the reasons that the scale is no longer changing is that you’re running too much.

    Running too much isn’t a problem to some but it is for others. A lot of people have been struggling to lose weight even if they run every day. One of the reasons is that this activity stresses your body.

    When you run, cortisol is released, which isn’t bad. However, when there’s too much cortisol in your body, it can lead to insulin resistance that forces your body to store belly fat.

    Running for Weight Loss Program – 6 Things to Remember

    Apart from that, increased levels of cortisol for longer periods of time can cause more inflammation, breaking down of your muscle tissue so you’ll build up more fats.

    And it also causes harm to your thyroid glands, thereby, lowering your metabolic rate. As a result, it’ll be harder for you to lose more weight.

    That said, if you’re running for, say, an hour every day but you’ve stopped losing weight, it might be best for you to reduce your running frequency. Then, add strength training exercise to your program and find out if it helps.

    Eat the right foods

    Even if you run a few miles but still consume a lot of calories, you still won’t lose weight. You should combine running and following a healthy diet.

    It’s also great to drink one serving of protein shake before and after running. This will give you more energy to run more miles.

    With proper nutrition, you can easily get through a long-distance event.

    Don’t think about skipping meals as it won’t allow you to train adequately.

    Make sure that you eat or drink before, during and after an intense workout. These are critical times when you need nutrition more than anything else to help your body in recovering faster.

    And remember, eating more calories more than what you burn will not give you the weight loss result that you wish.

    Cut calories efficiently to lose more pounds.

    Your progress

    The desire to run faster to lose more weight is understandable. You may burn more calories if you run faster, but you’re putting yourself at risk of suffering from an injury.

    To avoid injury, you should consider working with a coach or a personal trainer. Remember Josh Peck weight loss journey? He did hire a personal trainer who helped him create a personalized training program.

    Your coach, too, can help you find that fine line between a challenging pace and controlled one. When you have a coach working with you and monitoring your program, you can avoid crossing the line that can lead to injury.

    You should also be cautious when improving your mileage. It’s easy for you to think that you’ll drop more pounds if you run more miles.

    You may or may not handle it.

    With a coach, you’ll know the right steps in your training, thereby, preventing from taking  the steps that’ll only lead to injury.

    Bottom Line

    Running for weight loss program is effective. It’s a great way for you to shed more pounds and get back into shape. But you need to keep those things in mind to effectively lose weight without hurting yourself. You also have to be patient as a weight loss journey is never easy.

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