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  • Renee Zellweger Now – Healthy Eating Strategies or Plastic Surgery?

    What’s the real reason of Renee Zellweger’s dramatic face transformation? Is it the result of healthy eating strategies or plastic surgery? Let’s find out here.

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    What’s the real reason of Renee Zellweger’s dramatic face transformation? Is it the result of healthy eating strategies or plastic surgery? Let’s find out here.

    Renee Zellweger Now – Healthy Eating Strategies or Plastic Surgery? Before and after – Which one would you prefer?

    Renee Zellweger’s face is different now from what she looked like during Bridget Jones’s Diary. According to her, it’s her healthy eating strategies that made her face look different.

    In Hollywood, you must have a beautiful face first before you can be successful. It’s still possible to become a successful actor without the beautiful face. But you can also be successful in this field even if you can’t act, provided you have a beautiful face.

    Renee Zellweger’s look before was already a selling factor. Personally, I like her face more before than her recent face transformation. She looked younger.

    After she appeared on the red carpet for the first time after a few months of being absent from the spotlight, Renee Zellwegger has caused a spark and gotten us all questioning – has she or hasn’t she?

    Did she undergo facelift or did her healthy eating strategies make her look different? She hasn’t admitted the former and we, at Vimchi, don’t have any idea if she did undergo cosmetic surgery. No matter what she has done to herself, she made sure that she’d look different in a way that she’s now unrecognizable.

    What she said she did?

    Renee Zellweger emphasized that it’s her healthy eating strategies that made her face entirely different. Plus, she said that her happiness is the reason of her different face.

    I wish it’d happen to me too. I’m living a happy life but I don’t wake up looking like Gisele Bundchen, Ana Ivanovic or Eugenie Bouchard. So, there’s that.

    If she did undergo cosmetic surgery, she might have done it to enhance her social life or improve her professional life.

    Studies have shown that people’s success could be attributed to their attractiveness. Whether we like it or not, our appearance contributes a lot on how we’re treated in this world.

    Some people are pressured to change their perceived flaws if they feel or think that they’re not up to the standard.

    It’s also true that attractive people can draw more attention. As a result, they’ll have better selection of partners. This makes it easier for them to enjoy their social life.

    What has changed?

    Renee Zellweger Now – Healthy Eating Strategies or Plastic Surgery?

    Oh, Bridget Jones! What have you done?

    Chin implant

    Renee Zellweger’s chin is somehow elongated now. She had double chin before. Although she’s lost a lot of weight, her chin’s elongated appearance isn’t the result of weight loss.

    A chin implant is what plastic surgeons have theorized. The result of the implant is attractive as it doesn’t result in a masculine look. It adds a length to her face that makes her overall appeal quite striking.

    Nose job

    It doesn’t appear that she underwent a nose job. Her slimmer nose is the result of her post weight loss.

    Outstanding eyes

    She always has small eyes. Through her drastic weight loss, her cheeks have lost volume. The shape and angle of her eyes haven’t changed.

    Most of facial changes have been related to her weight loss.

    How can weight loss affect your face?

    Unfortunately, you won’t see the effects of weight loss in your face. However, the fullness of your face declines over time as you continue to lose weight. As a result, you’ll look unrecognizable, just like Renee Zellweger.

    To have the same results as Renee, you must make sure that you’re drinking 2 liters of water each day. Insufficient amount of water can lead to bloating as your body tends to store more moisture that it can get.

    Avoid processed foods altogether as they can cause bloated appearance in your face.

    As regards to adding years to the face, weight loss may cause your face to age. But this isn’t true to everyone. However, with Renee Zellweger, her weight loss did negatively affect her face.

    Because of the fats that have been lost, some people would see laugh lines appearing on their face after losing tons amount of weight. They look tired and their cheeks are droopy.

    This is one of the reasons many don’t want to lose weight to keep their faces look more youthful. Some celebrities would like to gain weight so their faces look younger than their real age. They’d rather have a plump body than having a saggy face.

    What can you do to avoid such negative effect?

    Consume more fruits and veggies each day.

    Renee Zellweger made drastic changes to her healthy eating strategies allowing her to look, well, quite different than she was before.

    Eating more veggies and fruits will cause you to lose weight on the face. They’re higher in fiber allowing you to feel full easily so you’re not likely to eat high-calorie snacks.

    Some people think that eating more fruits can make you fat. Although they’re high sugar, you’re less likely to binge on them.


    When was the last time you overindulged on apples and oranges? How about cantaloupe?

    Avoid drinking alcohol

    Renee Zellweger Now – Healthy Eating Strategies or Plastic Surgery?

    Hello there! I’m Renee. Don’t you recognize me?

    Another important thing to consider when losing fat face is to avoid drinking alcohol. Whether you want wine or beer, it’s still an alcoholic drink that dehydrates your body, which may add bloating to your face.

    Then, there’s the calorie content of this drink. Bear in mind that a 5-pound glass of wine contains 100 calories, which can add to the total number of calories in a day.

    We’re not sure whether Renee Zellweger still drinks alcohol. But based on her latest figure, you can safely say that she has ditched OH.

    You must also limit your salt intake. This is to decrease your chances of suffering from bloating. With that being said, it’s ideal to avoid processed foods as they tend to be high in sodium.

    Adding more can get you over the top. Canned tuna, soy sauce, chips and other salty snacks are rich in salt that can make you look bloated.

    Get into strength training

    Strength training can also help to get rid of your fatty face without having to look wrinkly or saggy. This type of exercise preserves muscles, not just in your body, but also in your face.

    Although we saw Renee Zellweger jogging in one of her photos taken by paparazzi, we don’t know whether or not she’s performing strength training exercise. But it seems she’s doing this exercise as her face doesn’t look saggy, despite her age.

    This type of exercise is essential in order to avoid having saggy skin on the face. It’s because this exercise rebuilds muscle tissue.

    Renee Zellweger is now without wrinkles.

    Looking at her face now, you’d notice her wrinkle-free appearance. Thus, it’s safe to say that she had undergone procedures on different parts of her face, including injection of Botox.

    Before, her wrinkles on her forehead were apparent. Now, you can hardly see them. Botox can provide you with smoother foreheads, like Renee.

    Botox is actually a brand that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Besides Allergan’s Botox, plastic surgeons may also use Dysport, Xeomin and Myobloc.

    You won’t get botulism through injection of Botox. Although this drug is made from a neurotoxin being produced by Clostridium botulinum, it won’t cause botulism, which is fatal.

    The toxin in Botox is a purified one. This means that there’s no chance of getting infected with botulism. Thus, it’s safe to use Botox injection on your face to eliminate wrinkles.

    But did you know that Botox isn’t only great for reducing wrinkles but it’s also beneficial in mending migraines?

    Yes, migraines can now be treated by injecting this drug. Even a doctor who worked from the FDA approved the report of it being effective in treating chronic migraines.

    Unfortunately, it needs several sessions per year to optimize its effects.

    Can wrinkles heal?

    Yes, they can. Just think about those patients who suffered from a stroke. They couldn’t move half of their face but their wrinkles are still there. However, those sides or parts of their faces that didn’t move look visibly smoother after a year.

    And that’s how Botox works. Hence, many plastic surgeons have the same opinion that Renee Zellweger did undergo Botox injection.

    Is Botox an easy treatment?

    Unfortunately, it’s not. Doctors, dentists and medical practitioners need to undergo training for injecting Botox to their patients. This is because injecting this drug to your face isn’t as easy as injecting a flu shot.

    For that reason, it’s only those who underwent training can be called legitimate medical doctors who can perform Botox injection. If you’re in doubt, you must opt for a doctor who’s a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or an oculoplastic surgeon.

    Don’t allow yourself to be injected with this drug by someone who also makes your hair. Bear in mind that legitimate doctors know how complicated this procedure is so they’re trained to minimize risks.


    Up to now Renee Zellweger hasn’t admitted anything about the procedures that she might have undertaken just to look her best. But there are speculations and theories that she did go under the knife to eliminate those features of her face that she didn’t like.

    What she did confirm is her healthy eating strategies and habits. She’s happier and eats healthier foods.

    Her transformation has, one way or the other, ruined her entire look. Her previous look was unique. Her smile and her eyes were gorgeous.

    Do I like her new look? Not really. But I love the fact that she’s into healthy eating. Hope, she has quit smoking too.

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