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  • Reasons You Must Avoid Trans Fat For The Sake Of Your Weight Loss Goal

    Trans fat has already been banned by the FDA because of its negative effects to your overall health. Find out why you must avoid it, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

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    Don’t Eat Trans Fat If You Want To Lose Weight

    Trans fat doesn’t only cause you to gain weight but it’s also one of the reasons you may be suffering from clogged arteries. That said, the FDA started to ban this type of fat from any type of food. Even though some of them have already disappeared from groceries and restaurant menus, said agency is getting the job done.

    The FDA will now require the food industry to phase out all trans fats as they’re considered as a real threat to human health. Many health practitioners considered it as a big move in preventing 20,000 heart attacks each year. This can also prevent more than 7,000 deaths worldwide because of heart problems.

    The following are some of the food items that you must avoid as they don’t only cause weight gain but they can also cause clogging of your arteries.


    Some margarine products have high amount of trans fat. FDA recommends consuming under 2 grams of trans fat only. Unfortunately, certain products contain 3 grams of it in one serving. Soft margarine, however, is likely to have trans fat but you should still check its label.


    The majority of instant noodles contain trans fat. Even though the label states that it has 0 grams of trans fat, it makes it easier for you to reach 2 grams of it each day without you even knowing it.


    Most fast food restaurants use trans fat for frying, as they can save money. So watch out for deep-fried foods, like French fries and chicken tenders. But burgers, like Burger King’s Whopper, aren’t safe. They, too, contain 1.5 grams of this stuff per serving.


    If you want to have big fat belly, then eat tons of trans fat. Compared with other foods that have the same number of calories, trans fat will make you fat, especially around the belly. This is the reason it can lead to higher body weight, even though your total calories are controlled.


    You must avoid processed meat and those items mentioned above. Reading the labels is also a must to help you distinguish which product contains this type of fat. You should also avoid eating cookies, crackers and snack foods as they, too, contain high amount of trans fat.

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