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  • Rapid Weight-Loss Diet As Recommended by Dr. Oz

    Admit it. Losing weight is easier said than done. It’s frustrating to see that the scale is not going down after dieting and exercising. If you want to rapidly lose weight within 2 weeks, you might want to try this weight-loss diet of Dr. Oz.

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    Rapid Weight Loss Diet by Dr. Oz

    Rapid Weight-Loss Diet As Recommended by Dr. Oz

    Dr. Mehmet Oz is known for being a fitness and health enthusiast. Recently, he helped his audience lost 9 pounds of weight per person through his rapid weight loss program.

    Now, let’s take a look at what this program is all about.

    The rapid weight-loss diet suggested by Dr. OZ was inspired by top diet books on the market today. According to this diet, you have to avoid the following foods to eliminate the extra pounds in your body fast.

    Pass up wheat

    You can lose about 16 pounds by making this small change in your diet – avoiding wheat. The today’s wheat is filled with carbohydrates, which is far less healthy than the real wheat found hundreds of years ago. Dr. Davis, the author of Wheat Belly, today’s wheat can easily elevate your blood sugar levels causing chronic inflammation and building up of belly fat or visceral fat. Thus, eating it in the morning or at night will not only make you gain weight but you will also be more at risk to different ailments, like diabetes and heart disease.

    He added that modern wheat contains addictive complex carbs which are filled with gliatin. It is a special protein that provides the same effects as opium. This means that gliatin can stimulate your appetite creating more cravings and hunger.

    Keep away from non-natural sweeteners

    Why? They are known to wreak havoc to your metabolism causing weight gain. According to several new studies, people who are using this type of sweetener have experienced a rapid increase in their waist circumference compared with those people who do not use it at all. Splenda, Equal and other artificial sweeteners might be the culprits of your weight gain or your inability to lose weight. Throw them away and see what the change can do to your goal.

    Instead of using these sweeteners, you may opt for the natural ones, like stevia or honey.

    Avoid coffee

    Okay, this one is a bit difficult to keep away from. According to Dr. Oz, coffee is a stimulant, which can lead to cravings causing you to eat more. However, he did advise getting black coffee (brewed not instant). But do not add sugar to it. Not even cream as it makes the coffee an unhealthy drink, if you wish to lose weight rapidly.

    (I’m now using stevia leaves to sweeten my brewed coffee. I add about 2 to 3 leaves per cup of black coffee. If I run out of coffee beans, I just prepare Figaro’s coffee containing stevia.)

    Shun alcohol

    And sugar too as it can increase your appetite. Alcohol contains empty calories causing you to eat more. Dairy must be avoided as it causes inflammation leading to weight gain.

    Eat these instead

    Dr. Oz recommended low-glycemic veggies, like artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, squash, and mushrooms, among others. He said there is no limit when eating them. Taking probiotic each day will also help in losing weight rapidly as it promotes healthy bacteria, thereby, aiding in digestion.

    According to Dr. OZ, when you avoid those types of foods listed above, you can lose 9 pounds in just 2 weeks.


    This weight loss program of Dr. Oz may help you lose weight rapidly. But the question is can you keep it up? How are you going to keep the weight off? I think the best answer to these is to continue avoiding those food items as they are truly unhealthy (But I cannot steer clear of coffee. It’s one thing that keeps me functioning). Then, pair this weight loss diet with regular exercise.

    What do you think of this rapid weight loss program of Dr. Oz? Do you think you can follow it?

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