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  • Prostate Cancer Awareness – Can Ginger Root Really Cure This Cancer?

    The month of September is declared as Prostate Cancer Awareness month in Canada. In the Philippines, however, this event is held every June. Even though we don’t celebrate it on the same month, we still can’t take the fact that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.

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    The month of September is declared as Prostate Cancer Awareness month in Canada. In the Philippines, however, this event is held every June. Even though we don’t celebrate it on the same month, we still can’t take the fact that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.

    Prostate Cancer Awareness – Can Ginger Root Really Cure This Cancer?

    The main goal of having this event is to spread accurate information about this deadly disease. Despite the drop of deaths as caused by this cancer, thousands of men in the Philippines will still die from it this year alone.

    There is still a lot of work that our government has to do to reduce the number. The best place to start is to collect more information and understanding about this disease. The more you understand on how this disease starts and spreads the more likely you can better handle the situation.

    Ginger Root and Prostate Cancer

    Researchers from the University of Michigan revealed that the use of ginger root won’t only kill ovarian cancer but also prostate cancer cells. The best thing is that it has zero toxicity.

    This herb has long been used in natural medicines all over the world for treating inflammation, nausea and vomiting.

    What’s more interesting is the result presented by the American Association for Cancer Research. The research showed that each time ginger powder was used in treating cancer cells, all of them died when exposed to the compound. It’s known in the medical field as apoptosis or cancer cell suicide.

    Ginger has been used by many as a natural remedy to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. It can be used in larger quantities in treating cancer.

    British Journal of Nutrition

    The journal published another report about ginger’s ability to kill prostate cancer cells. Unlike chemotherapy, this natural remedy didn’t kill healthy prostate cells. The whole ginger extract could shrink a tumor size by 56%, according to the report.

    Even in high doses, this natural treatment doesn’t cause toxicity or result in uncomfortable side effects.

    Risk Factors

    Men are the only ones who will be affected by prostate cancer as women don’t have prostate gland.

    As you age, the more likely you’ll be diagnosed with this type of cancer. In fact, 65% of cases of this cancer have been diagnosed in men who are over 65 years.

    If your father or brother developed this cancer before the age of 60, you’re twice likely to develop it.

    In terms of lifestyle, if you’re following poor diet and don’t exercise regularly, then you’re at high risk of developing such disease.


    Unfortunately, majority of prostate cancer cases don’t have symptoms. The symptoms will only show up when the cancer has already spread throughout the prostate.

    One of the symptoms of prostate cancer you should watch out is urinary issue. Another is hematuria or blood in the urine.

    If you’re ability to get an erection has reduced or you’re experiencing painful ejaculation, then it might be a symptom of this condition.


    DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) and PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) are common screening tests for prostate cancer. They’re recommended to be performed annually.

    Treatment Options

    Hormone therapy is one of the treatment options for prostate cancer. This treatment option aims to stop testosterone from being released to the prostate cells. These cells survive and grow by “consuming” the testosterone hormone. It’s the main fuel of these cancer cells.

    Radiation therapy may also be recommended. In my father’s case, this therapy was used when the cancer has already spread.

    Prostatectomy is a surgical approach in treating this cancer. It involves removal of the prostate gland. But it’s only recommended to patients with early state of the disease. That is, the cancer cells are still confined within the prostate gland.

    Active surveillance is recommended to cases where the cancer cells are slow growing. In this situation, surgery and radical treatment are not needed.

    Discharged of Semen and Prostate Cancer

    In a study conducted by Jennifer R. Rider, assistant professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Jennifer asked the participants about the number of times they discharge their semen every month.

    The data showed that men who do it more had a reduced risk of developing this type of cancer. Those who unleashed their semen 21 times a month showed to reduce their risk up to 22%.

    Unfortunately, the study couldn’t explain why it has lowered their risk of having this type of cancer.

    There are several theories before that reported about self-stimulation as a way to flush out those elements that could cause prostate cancer cells.

    Preventing Cancer

    There are prostate-friendly foods that you can eat to prevent or delay the development of prostate cancer.

    Tomatoes contain high amount of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cancer cells and reduces tumor growth, including prostate cancer. Researchers found that those men who regularly ate tomatoes, either raw or cooked, were less likely to suffer from this condition. Since lycopene is bound to cell walls, it’s difficult for your body to extract it. Thus, cooked tomatoes or tomato products are better.

    Eating broccoli may also help protect you against this cancer. The American Cancer Society showed a link between this type of vegetable and prostate cancer risk. Although the reason for the link is still unclear, researchers postulated that broccoli’s phytochemicals are the ones that kill the cancer cells and leave healthy cells.

    How About Saw Palmetto?

    Prostate Cancer Awareness – Can Ginger Root Really Cure This Cancer?

    There are studies that showed about how saw palmetto to be effective in treating enlarged prostate gland but it didn’t show anything about treating prostate cancer cells.

    Green tea, on the other hand, may lower your risk of developing this type of disease. The essential components of green tea may prevent the development of this cancer. This is probably the reason why the rates of this cancer in Asia are significantly lower than those in the US and other Western countries.

    The pomegranate juice may also be effective in preventing this chronic disease. Thanks to its anti-oxidants.

    Talk to Your Doctor

    As part of the Prostate Cancer Awareness, you should always check with your doctor about your condition or if you need to undergo screening tests for this type of cancer.

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