• Kinotakara Foot Patch – An Effective Detox Patch for Patients with Arthritis

    Kinotakara is a Japanese health care product that aims to alleviate any type of diseases while maintaining your health. This physiotherapeutic health care product is a foot patch that sucks up toxins by targeting reflexology and acupuncture areas on your body.

    Where should the Kinotakara foot patch be placed?

    Although there are many areas where you can place the patch, it is ideal to put it under your sole, as it has more than 60 acupuncture points. Medical experts consider the sole as an area in the body that reveals the health of your internal organs. This is one of the many reasons you’d like to have a foot massage to alleviate whatever pain you’re feeling as it can improve blood circulation and relieve the nerves.

    What can Kinotakara foot patches do?

    Essentially, it absorbs excess water and harmful toxins out of your body. As a result, you’ll be relieved from pain and swellings. This is especially useful for patients suffering from arthritis.

    It is important that you let the patch stay on your body for more than six hours so it can properly absorb toxins and eliminate them. During those hours, you will notice that the patch becomes wet and turns into darker color. Any pain and swelling will be effectively alleviated.

    What does it contain?

    Each patch contains the following ingredients:

    Tourmaline – its role is to enhance blood circulation

    Chitosan – it keeps you warm and rejuvenates your body.

    Wood vinegar – it absorbs harmful wastes.

    Pearl powder – it has anti-gravity power.

    Pure silica – it enhances proper circulation of good free radicals.

    Dextrin and Glycolic acid – they enhance the functions of each ingredient.

    Main Benefits of Kinotakara Foot Patch

    • Absorbs harmful toxins in the body and eliminates them
    • Increases alertness
    • Boosts vitality
    • Enhances blood circulation to help fight against fatigue
    • Promotes healthy skin
    • Relieves stress and anxiety
    • Controls weight and reduces cellulite appearance
    • Improves immune function

    About the author

    Vim Chi Vim Chi is an online health shop that delivers natural supplements, which bring back your Vim (energy and enthusiasm) and Chi (vital energy to animate the body internally), straight to your door. Be sure to check out our blog posts written by our fantastic resident writers and guest bloggers.

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