• HD New Dance Step Mat Pad – Fitness Equipment

    Must-Have fitness equipment as you can practice new dance steps or routine with HD New Dance Step mat pad. Dancing, as we all know, is a fun, whole-body workout. A 30-minute of dancing with this new dance step mat pad can help you burn up to 250 calories. Yes, it is the same as jogging.

    achieve weight loss goals with new dance mat pad

    Features of HD New Dance Step Mat Pad for your weight loss goals:

    • Added new non-slip mat pad for precise gameplay.
    • The pad prevents you from sliding around; even you are at the high levels. Thus, it allows you to enjoy dancing for more than 30 minutes.
    • Say goodbye to sliding pads.
    • Top quality padded mat to give you an arcade feel.
    • Personalize your dance steps.
    • Durable and wear-resistant

    davao online health and weight loss shop HD New Dance Step Mat Pad - Fitness Equipment

    Product: PVC
    Interface: USB
    Works with PC
    Net weight: 480g
    Dimension: 93x83cm
    Length: 171cm


    New dance step Package includes:

    • 1 new dance mat pad
    • 1 CD drive

    Return Policy:

    • If the product you received is not as described, you can return the item. But you need to pay the return shipping fee.
    • You may also keep the product and agree to receive a partial refund.

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