• Dandruff Treatment – Satinique Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

    Why it’s great for you?

    This dandruff treatment aims to reduce flakes while it provides moisture to your scalp.


    It’s not only designed to treat dandruff but it’s also created to care for your hair by providing moisture to your scalp and bringing back the natural shine of your hair.


    With its ENERJUVE content, Satinque dandruff treatment shampoo restores the natural state of your hair, i.e. healthy and shiny.

    What other benefits you can get?

    In addition to its effectiveness as a dandruff treatment, it has a pleasant scent that makes you want to use it every day.

    How to use it?

    • Apply enough amount of this product to your wet hair.
    • Massage it to your scalp and hair
    • Let it stay for about a minute
    • Rinse
    • Follow it up with conditioner

    Is it safe to use it every day?


    What others say about this dandruff treatment shampoo?

    It works wonders to their dandruff problems. Plus, it has a great scent and it doesn’t leave any residue in your hair. Perfect for everyday use!

    How long can 1 bottle last?

    One bottle is 280 ml, which can last up to 80 uses.

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