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  • Poor Diet Caused Blindness in a Teenager 

    A teenager is now legally blind after eating fries and Pringles every day for many years. Why did it happen? How to boost your health and wellness to prevent it from happening?

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    a woman eating fries from mcdonalds. if she eats fries every day for many years, she could go blind, just like the teenage boy we feature in this news

    A teenage boy told his doctors that he consumed fries from the local fish and Pringles every day. He also ate white bread, sausage, and processed ham daily. But his poor diet affected his health and wellness causing him to go blind. 

    For two years, his eyesight has been deteriorating. He followed the said poor diet for seven years. 

    Obesity and Cancer 

    Poor diet or nutrition is linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. However, it can also affect the nervous system, including vision. 

    Three years ago, he was treated for tiredness. He was a picky eater but he could take his medications well. When his lab showed up, it turned out that he had an insufficient amount of vitamin B12. He also had microcytic anemia. He was given B12 shots and dietary recommendations. 

    But the boy’s hearing started to fail. Then, he started to lose his vision. Unfortunately, his physicians could not identify the cause of the symptoms. After two years of vision loss, the boy was diagnosed to be legally blind. His vitamin B12 deficiency also did not improve. 

    His physicians diagnosed him to have nutritional optic neuropathy. It is a dysfunction of the optic nerve because of improper diet. This diagnosis is also the result of insufficient intake of folic acid and vitamin B complex. The said condition can be reversed if caught early. If left untreated, however, it could cause permanent optic nerve damage. 

    Apart from nutritional optic neuropathy, he was also diagnosed with an avoidant-restrictive eating disorder. This type of disorder starts in middle childhood. It occurred not because of weight concerns but because of aversion to food textures. 

    It is not common to see nutritional blindness. However, it is a serious condition. Nutritional optic neuropathy could soon be prevalent because of our proclivity to junk food. Then, if you are following veganism, you are likely to suffer from it because of its lack of vitamin B12. 

    Variety is always the key when it comes to our health and wellness. It is vital to eat a variety of food to obtain the vitamins and minerals that our body needs. 

    How to Increase Vitamin B12

    This vitamin is vital because your body cannot make it on its own. Thus, you must obtain it through diet or supplements. If you are a vegan, pregnant or breastfeeding, you are at high risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. 

    Rich Sources of Vitamin B12

    1.) Animal Liver 

    Organ meats are high in vitamin B12. They are some of the most nutritious foods you can have. A 100-gram lamb liver can offer you a high amount of vitamin B12. 

    2.) Clams

    They are loaded with nutrients. Clams contain high concentrations of the said vitamin. By eating 20 small clams, you get over 3,300% of the Recommended Daily Intake. 

    3.) Sardines 

    They are small saltwater fish and super nutritious. A 150-gram of sardines could give you twice the RDI for this vitamin. Furthermore, it provides omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to reduce inflammation and improve heart health

    Taking of Vitamin B12 Supplements 

    If you are at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency, then you should consider taking these supplements. Head over to our online shop to browse our health and wellness products that can boost your vitamin intake.

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