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  • Point of Sale Display of Tobacco Products Will Be Prohibited in Singapore

    Tobacco products retailers can no longer display them in Singapore. When will the ban start? What’s the purpose of the ban? Is it the same as the anti-smoking ordinance in Davao City?

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    Point of Sale Display of Tobacco Products Will Be Prohibited in Singapore

    Smoking can cause lung cancer and other diseases. But tobacco products are still being sold in various shops. However, in Singapore, displaying of tobacco products is no longer allowed in 2017.

    To comply with Singapore’s regulation, the government will give a one-year grace period for all retailers. The implementation is done after the Tobacco Act was changed.

    Protecting Non-Smokers Against Tobacco Products

    In Davao City, smokers aren’t allowed to smoke in public places. If you are caught smoking in public areas, you’ll face heavy penalties. (Or you’d be forced to swallow cigarette butt if Mayor Rody caught you.)

    You’re prohibited to smoke in government-owned automobiles, entertainment and accommodation establishments and other enclosed public buildings.

    This means that you’re only allowed to smoke in your private vehicles, houses and designated outdoor smoking areas.

    Although Davao City has an anti-smoking ordinance, it doesn’t prohibit point of sale display.

    In Singapore, however, POS display will be completely banned. This is to ensure that youth won’t pick up the nasty habit of smoking as they’re no longer exposed to the POS displays when shopping.

    With this ban, people in Singapore will no longer have to deal with an impulse buying, especially to those who are trying to kick the habit.

    However, retailers are allowed to provide a price list of their tobacco products through text in a standard format. All tobacco products should be kept out of sight during re-stocking and sales transactions.

    They need to be in a self-closing or in a separate room.

    Will the Philippines follow suit? I don’t think so.

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