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  • Planking: 4 Reasons Why It Can Help You Get Flatter Stomach

    Planking is a beneficial exercise to get flatter stomach. That is, when done correctly. Learn how you can benefit from this simple-to-look-at-but-difficult-to-do exercise.

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    Reasons Planking Is Great To Achieve Flatter Stomach

    Planking: 4 Reasons Why It Can Help You Get Flatter Stomach

    Planking for Flatter Stomach


    Planking. I thought it was an easy exercise. I told my brother I could hold the planking position for minutes.

    But only lasted 15 seconds.

    I never thought it was hard. It was easier said than done. Even up to now, I’m still struggling.

    Fortunately, I can hold it up 2 minutes. That’s a huge achievement for me.

    Just looking at those athletes and fitness experts lying with their face down on a mat and pushing off the floor would make you wonder how could this be a good workout?

    Until you try it.

    The pushup position

    Planking: 4 Reasons Why It Can Help You Get Flatter Stomach

    Getting into that position is easy. But holding in that position for seconds or minutes is another thing.

    Planking for 2 minutes is hard for novices. The right length of time to hold a plank position will depend on the person doing the plank. Based on my experience, I’d counsel starting out slow. You can do 3 planks: 20 seconds for each plank and rest for 20 seconds between planks.

    Once you get the hang of it, you should try to push yourself a little to obtain its outstanding benefits.

    Benefits of planking

    Targets the upper and lower abs, as well as your lower back and obliques.

    Planking: 4 Reasons Why It Can Help You Get Flatter Stomach

    This is one of the reasons planking is a prerequisite for heavy weight lifting. Why? In this position, you’re not moving or lifting weights. However, you’re squeezing your abs to help you hold that position.

    Most novices won’t last 30 seconds during their first attempt. I, on other hand, lasted only 15 seconds.

    And when you do it correctly and for longer period, you’ll surely have a flatter stomach in no time.

    Strengthens lower back.

    This is necessary when you’re lifting weights. Your back must be stronger to avoid injuries or fractures.

    Encourages good posture.

    Planking: 4 Reasons Why It Can Help You Get Flatter Stomach

    In order to achieve proper posture, you’ll have to strengthen your abdominal muscles and your back. And planking can help you out in this aspect.

    Improves mood.

    Planking: 4 Reasons Why It Can Help You Get Flatter Stomach

    If you’re depressed, try planking. In fact, Yoga Journal highly recommends this exercise to reduce stress, thereby, preventing depression. It calms the brain and suppresses anxiety.


    Although planking has plenty of benefits, it’s not to be performed if you’re suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Talk to your doctor first.

    Increase length of time

    To obtain the full benefits of this exercise, you need to improve your time. This is because the longer you can hold it, the stronger your lower back will become so you can easily avoid injury. Then, your abs will be better as your body melts your abdominal fat.

    If you can hold the plank position for only 5 seconds, that’s okay. You’re just beginning to experience its benefits. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you do it every day though, you might be able to last up to 10 minutes. Challenge yourself.

    And once you’ve done it, tell me your experience. Not that easy, eh?

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